The Moscow Ballet in LA - a Sale at Sotheby's, London - a Petition for a Presidential Pardon - Cryotherapy in San Diego: What do They Have in Common?

Secondary dot-com addresses can promote almost anything, anywhere, for anyone
Chiltonic promotes its video with the missionline
Chiltonic promotes its video with the missionline
LA JOLLA, Calif. - Dec. 7, 2016 - PRLog -- - - -- these clear and concise alternative dot-com addresses promote understanding, establish recall and detail missions online.  Called 'missionlines,' they are as easily remembered from a radio spot as a billboard, and frequently they are more memorable than the domain names they support.

There is nothing new about branding major ad campaigns with secondary dot-com addresses. Nike registered more than two decades ago, Raymond James created in 2010 and the NFL and NBC have told us during the past 3 season that:

Missionlines are as adaptable to local businesses as multinational conglomerates. In November of 2016 Chiltonic ( announced the opening of the company's third Southern California studio by bracketing the missionlines to open its home page and to explain Cryotherapy with a brief video.  This autumn was introduced by Gilead Sciences ( to urge Hepatitis C blood testing by everyone born between 1945 and 1965.

The number of devices connected to the internet is projected to triple before the end of this decade. As the Internet has grown websites have proliferated, and with them the domain names that identify their home pages.  Annual registrations are at an all-time high, and dot-com addresses far exceed any other extension. (This is hardly surprising since the term long ago became synonymous with 'The Web'.)

Whereas a single dot-com address might have sufficed for 20th century marketing, today alternative domain names are becoming increasingly commonplace for advertisers both large and small. Thus many domain name registration and web hosting companies are flourishing -- and anticipating an even brighter future.



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