Linear Health Sciences TM Embraces Expedited ORCHID Valve TM Route to Market

By: Linear Sciences
OKLAHOMA CITY - Nov. 29, 2016 - PRLog -- In response to recent engagements with functional users and large strategics, the Linear Health team has shifted significant resources toward final development of the ORCHID Safety Release Valve (SRV) TM. The ORCHID SRV TM is a first of its kind tension-based breakaway valve poised to disrupt the infusion disposables space by mitigating accidental IV dislodgment due to macro forces acting on IV tubing.

The ORCHID SRV TM was developed to address an unmet need in an otherwise commoditized product space. IV dislodgment can lead to a litany of complications, including, but not limited to, risk of infection, hazardous needle exposure and associated traumatic events, loss of treatment, and risk of more critical interventions (e.g., central venous catheters). The ORCHID SRV TM seamlessly integrates with current infusion connectors, breaking away at a predetermined tension to retain patency at the IV site.

The overwhelmingly positive response to Linear Health's most recent prototype led to expediting the product development process aimed at rapid FDA approval followed by national product launch to demonstrate convincing adoption rates. Feedback and market validation have been stellar from renowned industry experts (AVA, INS thought leaders and presidents) and justify a shift in financial and technical assets to address early market release. Target customers include both large hospital systems and independent facilities. The Linear Health vision of market opportunity for ORCHID SRV TM is, "If there's an IV there, we want to protect it."

The ORCHID SRV TM is slated for commercialization in June 2017.

For the Linear Health Sciences TM team, however, launching their flagship product is only step one. The ORCHID SRV TM will protect patients' IVs, but will be followed up with our impressive R&D pipeline that focuses on protecting patients' insulin pumps, Foley catheters, chest tubes, enteral feeding, and many others.

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