Former undercover narcotics officer has gone from battling supply to treated those afflicted

Michael C. Koch, a 19 year peace officer with the Carlsbad, CA police department may have turned in his shield, but he hasn't stepped out of the battle. He is just taking on addiction in the battle line of treatment.
ENCINITAS, Calif. - Nov. 7, 2016 - PRLog -- When former Carlsbad, CA police officer Michael C. Koch left law enforcement, his life did not seem to be high on hope.  After years of working undercover as a narcotics officer, he had fallen victim to his own addiction.  This is an occupational hazard of many officers whose lives depend on not having their identities discovered in the dark world of the illicit drug trade.  Not only are the stresses of being undercover insurmountable for many, but they also place a person at higher risk of becoming addicted if they are exposed to drug use themselves, something that frequently happens.

So began Michael's journey into counseling, first as a patient who sought help for his own addiction, and now as the facilitator of the group therapy sessions himself.  Patients in addiction treatment at True North Recovery Services (, located in Encinitas, CA are often surprised that thsi gentle caring man couldve ever been a former law enforcemnt officer.  Many of them have had minor and a few have had some major scrapes with the law over the years in their addiction.  They are often placed at a loss that the a person who was such a long time representative of a vocation they were often afraid of, and sometimes angry with, is not their counselor and the one who is gently guiding them into their recovery.

Kansas Cafferty, an LMFT and founder of the program says, "Entering recovery is often about challenging perceptions and misguided beliefs and Michael provides a wonderful opportunity for the patients of True North to really examine their relationship with the world around them.  Was I right about this in my addiction or could it possibly have been different than I thought it was?"  Because Michael is a gifted counselor this often provides a wonderful opportunity for the patients at True North.  This opportunity can be the catalyst for change that is exactly what a person needs.  While True North is a private program that is not directly involved with the courts and does not receive refferals from them, it is a fact of substance use disorder treatment that people will often come with presenting legal problems ranging from custody issues, to DUI's to occasional more serious issues surrounding sales.

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