3rd November 2016, GTC Advisors – US Elections

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GENEVA, Switzerland - Nov. 3, 2016 - PRLog -- We are under a week away from the 2016 US Elections which will see America choose its next President, either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

With the candidacy being in the news nearly every day globally it has been impossible to avoid or pass comment on the race over the last few months.

No matter what side you are on, one thing is for sure. This year's election has certainly had its ups and downs.

For the Hillary camp, her email scandal and cold demeanor haven't helped her win over the undecideds.

With the FBI re-opening the "emailgate" case with thousands of emails to process, it could be gleaned as fortunate that they won't be able to complete the investigation before the 8th of November. Having been cleared of any serious wrong doing several times the Democrats team can be forgiven for their exasperation at the latest news.

The fact that they will yet again have to face the barrage of questions, opponent's statements and negative media surrounding the saga this close to the election day has started to see strains in the campaign.

The news has played right into the hands of the Trump campaign. Whilst his support slowed down after the debate sessions last month, it is now thought that the polling data so far could be due for an update. Trump popularity is growing again as we reach the last week of campaigning and the two hopefuls sweep across the nation looking to secure the last final voters they need.

Whilst the Presidency is still undecided, what is for sure is that should Trump take the reigns there will be significant changes to US foreign policy and the possibility of an uncertain time in the markets whilst the realization sets in.

If Hillary wins, Wall Street will breathe a sigh of relief. Something which may just hand the Presidency to Trump.

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John Healy

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