The Skin-Perfecting Solution To Pollution: LIFTLAB LIFT + PERFECT™ Total Rejuvenation Cream

Offering pollution protection and optimal renewal with nature's most powerful and protective protein—LIFTLAB'S patented Cell Protection Protein®
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LIFTLAB Skincare
LIFTLAB Skincare
NEW YORK & BOSTON - Nov. 3, 2016 - PRLog -- Because 90% of skin wrinkling is caused by cumulative exposure to UV rays, a daily broad-spectrum sunscreen is an anti-aging must. But today we need more than sunscreen. There is increasing evidence that air pollution, by unleashing free radicals, can accelerate the skin aging process. Toxins in the air can disrupt the skin's protective natural barrier, activating pathways of inflammation that can lead to redness, dullness and loss of skin-firming collagen that results in sagging, fine lines and wrinkles. Research is also showing a link between exposure to nitrogen dioxide levels in outdoor air and the development of brown spots on the face.

Does the prevalence of air pollution, especially in large urban areas, mean that the quest for complexion perfection is doomed? Not when there's LIFTLAB LIFT + PERFECT™ Total Rejuvenation Cream ($185.00 / 1.7 oz.).

Dermatologists recommend safe-guarding your skin against the effects of pollution by keeping the natural skin barrier in good repair and supplying skin with free-radical fighting antioxidants. According to research findings published in Dermatology Research and Practice, "Topical antioxidants exert their effects by downregulating free-radical-mediated pathways that damage skin." LIFTLAB LIFT + PERFECT™ comes to the rescue to supercharge skin's natural ability to regenerate fresh, smooth healthy cells to diminish lines and wrinkles as it defends with antioxidants. It also clarifies your complexion while infusing skin with moisture and radiance. A multi-faceted anti-aging skincare system in one elegant, technologically-advanced cream, LIFT + PERFECT™ has the highest concentration of LIFTLAB's exclusive, patented Cell Protection Protein® (CPP®)—first discovered as the secret to survival in plants and marine life that thrive in icy Arctic conditions.


In vitro testing shows that with one application, the high level of CPP® increases the production of collagen and elastin protein fibers essential to deep wrinkle repair by 50% after 48 hours.(1)

Another study shows that CPP® encourages the formation of 40 other proteins needed for healthy, younger-looking skin. (2)

Additional testing shows that LIFT + PERFECT™  is clinically proven to increase skin firmness by 32% and elasticity by 39% after 11 weeks of twice a day use.(3)

By protecting and renewing the skin barrier, safeguarding against inflammation and boosting antioxidants, LIFTLAB LIFT + PERFECT™ Total Rejuvenation Cream delivers total skin-perfecting protection against the elements, including the effects of pollution.

Available now at, and prestige skin care retailers.

1) Results of in vitro testing by BioInnovation Laboratories after one application.

2) Results of DNA microarray results from study by BioInnovation Laboratories.

3) Results of clinical evaluation and user study by International Research Services, Inc.


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