Pelvic Floor Exercises are More Than Kegels in 30 Day Bladder Fix DVD to Stop Urinary Incontinence

Pelvic Floor Exercises DVD titled "30 Day Bladder Fix Pelvic Floor Strengthening DVD" offers a natural, drug-free exercise solution for Urinary Incontinence from well-known clinician and PBS fitness celebrity Suzanne Andrews.
By: Healthwise Exercise, LLC
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30 Day Bladder Fix for Men and Women
30 Day Bladder Fix for Men and Women
ORMOND BEACH, Fla. - Oct. 24, 2016 - PRLog -- "If you're one of the thirteen million Americans who suffer with embarrassment of urinary incontinence, you don't have to," says well-known PBS TV health pro Suzanne Andrews. Treating bladder issues such as urinary incontinence and prolapse with focused exercise therapy is proving highly successful for both men and women, according to the star of the PBS show "Functional Fitness."

Does Sneezing, Coughing, Laughing or Exercise Cause You to Leak?
"Women and men often feel leaking when they cough, laugh, exercise or sneeze and/or not being able to control urine is just a normal part of aging, and it's not," Ms. Andrews says. "Many doctors don't recommend therapy first, but it works surprisingly well. My program is unique in that you do the medically proven moves seated on a chair so you never have to get on the floor," she asserted.

Childbirth Also Causes Leaks
Problems with bladder control are common after childbirth, some types of surgery and can come as the result of several other medical issues, Ms. Andrews noted. "I developed this natural urinary incontinence treatment because I had this exact problem after having a child. That's not unusual at all, but men are also affected and don't report it."

30,000 Women Have Complications from Surgery
Standard surgical solutions result in serious issues for about ten percent of women who undergo what is called a "mesh" insertion or "bladder sling." The FDA issued warnings about the risk in 2011. Nearly 300,000 such procedures were performed in 2010. That equals 30,000 women having complications.

Side Effects from Medicine and Pads
Medicines for overactive bladder cause side effects that include upset stomach, headaches and constipation. Constipation makes urinary incontinence worse.

Pads can cause skin irritations, are very costly over a period of time and don't solve the problem. "Being unable to control your bladder is bad enough, but big problems after surgery have been life-changing for tens of thousands of women. It isn't a small issue."

Why Kegel Exercises are Not Effective
An occupational therapy clinician with decades of experience, Ms. Andrews quickly found that the widely-known "Kegel" exercises aren't the complete answer for bladder problems. "Prevention Magazine just interviewed me about featuring 30 Day Bladder Fix because it is completely different, not just Kegel exercises at all." Ms. Andrews' years of developing therapies for a variety of conditions has all too often been the result of having to solve her own health issues, including bladder problems.

In keeping with the standards of her PBS show and the history of her programs, each of the routines on the 30 Day Bladder Fix Pelvic Floor DVD are medically proven and used in practices all across the United States.

How Can You Stop Urinary Incontinence? Find out in this 90 second video.

30 Day Bladder Fix Pelvic Floor DVD is available at Healthwise and includes a bonus resistant band to do the pelvic floor exercises.


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