SMART Steam Trap Reduces Energy Wastage with Improved Reliability

Timber Processing and Energy Expo
Timber Processing and Energy Expo
LOS ANGELES - Oct. 12, 2016 - PRLog -- Blue Energy Technologies, a supplier of energy saving technologies, is introducing the SMART Steam Trap at the Timber Processing and Energy Expo, an innovative technology that reduces energy consumption in industrial manufacturing facilities. This technology is a perfect replacement for mechanical steam traps that fail and can cause over $2,000 a year loss for every defective mechanical steam trap. SMART Steam Traps are more effective because they use Venturi technology to collect condensate and block steam. SMART Steam Traps have no moving parts, come with a 20-year performance guarantee, are made from stainless steel, and will eliminate inefficiencies in different loading conditions. Blue Energy Technologies provides SMART Steam Traps that are specific to each manufacturer's application.

The SMART Steam Traps work for everyone, no matter your steam system applications. It provides up to 20 – 30% energy reduction, which means you can be rest assured of ROI within the next 6 – 12 months. It also reduces labor time required to fix failed steam traps, comes with improved process heat transfer, and has a removable Venturi insert for precise sizing.

"At the Timber Processing and Energy Expo in September 2016, we had the opportunity to showcase our products to highly qualified operations directors, facilities managers, kiln supervisors, and maintenance planners. We are excited that people want to get more information about SMART Steam Traps and how they can help them reduce energy consumption," said the CEO of Blue Energy Technologies.

The company is excited about professionals who came by at the Timber Processing and Energy Expo, which was held at the Portland Expo Center, Portland, Oregon, USA, and asked for additional information. As a professional in the lumber, wood-based energy and biomass industries, you would have known that energy savings and improvement in production reliability is a solid reason to install the SMART Steam Traps. By replacing mechanical steam traps with SMART Steam Traps, you will be getting a strong financial payback that will justify the initial cost, and give you even greater benefit because of the 20-year mechanical and performance warranty. The company's sales and engineering teams will review the functionality of your steam system and provide you with the SMART Steam Traps that are suitable for your specific needs.

About Blue Energy Technologies

Blue Energy Technologies provides eco-friendly and energy efficient solutions to industrial, institutional and commercial operations. Our product is well proven across sectors including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper, petrochemicals, laundries, food, and beverages, etc.


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