Sword of Allah: Gritty Technothriller, Penned on Author's Boat, Explores North Africa's Terrorism Threat

Written on the high seas by James Marinero, 'Sword of Allah' blends action and WMD in a gripping and engrossing novel that explores the fiery shroud of Islamist terrorism that engulfs North Africa and the Mediterranean, driven by a legacy of French colonialism and Islamist fervour. Marinero is himself no stranger to the region as a frequent visitor, living and writing aboard his boat.
By: James Marinero
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Sword of Allah Front Cover Image on Fireball Background
Sword of Allah Front Cover Image on Fireball Background
LYMINGTON, U.K. - Sept. 19, 2016 - PRLog -- Having sailed his own boat ranging from the Mediterranean and North Africa to Brazil and Atlantic islands, writer James Marinero is something of a maverick. He's also worked in over a dozen countries (including in the Middle East), exposing him to inspiration for his writing far and beyond anything most authors could ever imagine.

This profound experience is vivid in his writing. His latest novel 'Sword of Allah' is a technothriller in every sense of the word. It's not just a work of pure fiction – it exposes the real-world threat to southern European regions, with weapons of mass destruction in terrorist hands.


In February 2016, North Korea announced the successful testing of a fusion bomb. This sets the backdrop to frantic diplomatic activity as outrageous demands by a powerful Islamist group throw the United Nations into panic.

Ex-Royal Marine Steve Baldwin is tracking an old enemy, Maruška Pavkovic, in Malta, but the British Government's dark objectives move the action to North Africa. He is hooked in with Ellie Williams, an MI6 agent, as they try to prevent a huge terrorist atrocity.

The UK Prime Minister is hell-bent on secretly acquiring new weapons technology for her country. It's an outrageous gamble with the lives of her agents and thousands of civilians. Can Baldwin save her reputation and that of the UK, or will he be a victim once again?

"There are plenty of targets of huge religious significance. 9/11 took years of planning; Bin Laden used planes as weapons of mass destruction, but even more potent WMDs are available. When people think of Islamist terrorism, they immediately picture the Twin Towers or the bombs in Chelsea, Manhattan just days ago," explains Marinero.

"I want to show that many other regions live under this constant cloud of fear, including the 'soft underbelly of Europe', as Winston Churchill once described it. Of course, the entire adventure is wrapped up in a fast moving and complex story involving North Korea, Iran and nuclear weapons research."

Continuing, "I've been there many times during my nomadic life. I actually completed this novel while at sea between the Canary Islands and Portugal, making it a very unusual literary project. It's going to be a compelling read for both hard-core fictions fans as well as those with an interest in geopolitics and international security."

'Sword of Allah', from Wavecrest Publications UK (www.wavecrestpublications.com), is available now: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sword-Allah-Maghreb-Trilogy-Marinero/dp/0956842690.

About the Author:

James Marinero has worked as a milkman, maths lecturer, IT consultant and project manager variously in the Middle East, Russia, Scandinavia, the US, Kazakhstan and much of Europe in sectors including Government and nuclear power. The author's educational background includes university degrees in Physics, Oceanography and Business Management.

As a lifelong sailor and qualified diver, he's now achieving a lifelong ambition to live on a boat and write novels. He has sailed his own boat to many of the Atlantic Islands, Brazil, the Mediterranean and North Africa.

This richly quilted background enables him to write with the deep knowledge and first-hand experience which bring his stories to life.

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