Is The Media Using Mind Control Techniques to Manipulate The Public at Voting Time?

In his weekly Op-Ed, Rob McConnell questions the honesty and integrity of mainstream press and their ulterior, ratings, manipulation and greed.
Manipulators of the Mind
Manipulators of the Mind
HAMILTON, Ontario - Sept. 18, 2016 - PRLog -- It is rather ironic that the media wants disclosure from Donald Trump but I would like to have the disclosure from the media on how much they are making from the Hillary Clinton ads that are being run on radio, TV and print as well as how many members of the Clinton camp and how much they are getting paid to saturate the internet with their propaganda.

Let's call it what it really is: Social Media is the 21st century Brainwashing technique effecting children and adults alike. The media will be responsible for the November 2016 Presidential Election and NOT the people. The People are only the puppets of the media mind controllers.

Advertising has proved that people will buy what is advertised, and now the sinister forces within the media are applying this technique to the internet and social media networks. Do you remember the subliminal techniques that were used in movies and TV shows and ads? How come no one has made the same connection with the internet?

The media of today are nothing more than electronic ambulance chasers all wanting the worst human story for their own financial gains and personal advancement.

The motto for the 21st Century Media Outlets: "If it bleeds, it leads. If it's good news, it loses."

Sad but true.

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