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Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227, Inc. (227's™ "RANDOM" Generated EIN! Bizarre! HOLLYWOOD'liciously' Spicy' Movie NBA) The 227's™ Federal Employer Identification Number RANDOMLY selected as normal! Or was it? AMAZING! *MUST READ*! NBA NBCUniversal Mix!
227's™ The 227's Inc. Amazing RANDOMLY Generated EIN! Bizarre! HOLLYWOOD NBA!
227's™ The 227's Inc. Amazing RANDOMLY Generated EIN! Bizarre! HOLLYWOOD NBA!
BOISE, Idaho - Aug. 21, 2016 - PRLog -- Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227, Inc. (227's™ YouTube Chili' 227's Amazing "RANDOM" Generated EIN! Spicy' Bizarre! HOLLYWOOD'liciously' Spicy' Movie NBA) The 227's™ Corporate Federal Employer Identification Number, RANDOMLY selected as normal! Or was it? AMAZING! "Chili' fans, with reference to my Spicy' movie series of press releases, I said it's been like a Hollywood scripted movie, as President and CEO.....it's the total Spicy' Chili' truth!" *MUST READ*! NBA .GOV'liciously'Spicy'Chili' NBCUniversal Movie Mix!

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Employer Identification Number

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Applicable to the United States, an Employer Identification Number or EIN (also known as Federal Employer Identification Number or FEIN) is the corporate equivalent to a Social Security number, although it is issued to anyone, including individuals, who have to pay withholding taxes on employees. It is also issued to entities, such as states, government agencies, corporations, limited liability companies, and any other organization that must have a number for a purpose in addition to reporting withholding tax, such as for opening a bank or brokerage account.

Other names
Also known as the Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) or the Federal Tax Identification Number, the EIN is a unique nine-digit number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to business entities operating in the United States for the purposes of identification. When the number is used for identification rather than employment tax reporting, it is usually referred to as a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), and when used for the purposes of reporting employment taxes, it is usually referred to as an EIN.

Comparison to Social Security numbers
Similar in purpose to the Social Security number assigned to individuals, EINs are used by employers, sole proprietors, corporations, partnerships, non-profit organizations, trusts and estates, government agencies, certain individuals and other business entities. The IRS uses this number to identify taxpayers that are required to file various business tax returns. Individuals who are employers may choose to either obtain an EIN or use their Social Security number for the purpose of reporting taxes withheld on behalf of their employees. Contrary to some misconceptions, credit bureaus and credit issuers can tell the difference between SSN and EIN numbers. SSN numbers can be validated as to origin and state/year of issuance. The credit bureaus and issuers are highly trained in fraud detection, and increasingly sophisticated algorithms and protections are used. This is why the EIN is not considered sensitive information, and is freely distributed by many businesses by way of publications and the internet.

EIN format
The EIN system was created by the IRS in 1974 by Treasury Decision (TD) 7306, 39 Fed. Reg. 9946 . The authority for EIN's is derived from 26 USC 6011(b), requiring taxpayer identification for the purpose of payment of employment taxes. The provision was first enacted as part of the revision of the Tax Code in 1954. This authority was broadened in 1961 by 26 USC 6109. An EIN is usually written in the form 00-0000000 whereas a Social Security Number is usually written in the form 000-00-0000 in order to differentiate between the two. There are EIN Decoders on the web that can identify in what state the company registered the EIN.

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