Are Glyphosate Laden Poisoned Proteins Being Made in Our Bodies?

Glyphosate maker Monsanto claims humans can't use its synthetic glycine derivative, but evidence has shown gut microbes can. These microbes make important proteins. Research has been published suggesting glyphosate can replace glycine in peptides.
Can Gut Microbes Replace Glycine with Glyphosate When Making Protein?
Can Gut Microbes Replace Glycine with Glyphosate When Making Protein?
SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. - July 26, 2016 - PRLog -- Today on Smart Health Talk Radio Show at 1:00 PM PST on 106.5 FM/1050AM host Elaine McFadden, MPH, RD talks with Dr. Stephanie Seneff, MIT researcher about the possibility that glyphosate is able to take up glycine's space in aromatic protein synthesis within gut microbes.

Besides being synthetic or man-made, glyphosate is basically glycine with a methyl group attached to the nitrogen.  We have assumed that it could not take the place of real glycine on protein peptides, but what if it could?  The glyphosate molecule is bigger than glycine and would interfere with it's ability to fold properly.  The attached methyl group would crowd out the substrate and take up that spot as well on the protein.

Proteins are constantly being made and taken apart because the body recycles amino acids so they are not wasted.  A glyphosate containing protein might be marked as "non functional" and scheduled for demolition and taken apart. Glyphosate cannot be removed cleanly. That would leave a waste product such as amyloid plaque found in the brains of Alzheimer's patients.

Even though Monsanto's Glyphosate was first rejected as a herbicide to kill weeds, their first patent to remove metal from pipes was approved.  Somehow it was later approved as an herbicide for food crops, ignoring the precautionary principal and then also classified as an antibiotic.

The mechanism to clean pipes, binding to the metals through chelation turned out to be the same mechanism glyphosate would use to kill weeds.  It binds to minerals in the soil and basically starves the weed of the nutrition it needs to live.

Many think the FDA has some big lab somewhere to test safety.  All the FDA does is look at the research conducted by pesticide makers, determine if looks good, and take them at their word the product is safe.

This has been the drill for thousands of pesticides and chemicals that have been given the go ahead by the FDA to use on food for humans, around our family home and pets, farm animals and even wildlife because pesticides do drift for miles and even as far as a thousand miles in rain.  A pesticides approval is saying it is also safe for our environment which includes water, soil, air, and even the tippy top of our atmosphere where our precious ozone protects us from radiation.

Monsanto has claimed that plants use a different metabolic pathway than humans and that's why it is safe and will go right through us without stopping.  Problem is that is NOT 100% true because our gut microbes can take up glyphosate.

Turns out the take over of our 100 Trillion or so gut microbes (if your lucky) by glyphosate may have much more far reaching implications than we originally thought.  The body can be tricked by glyphosate's synthetic glycine into thinking it's a real glycine.  Glyphosate would then block glycines spot on critical proteins.

We already have research that shows glyphosate CAN be taken up by gut microbes.  This is serious since our gut is where most of our health comes from.  Gut microbes are a huge part of our immune system and brings us nutrition from food.  They also make all kinds of enzymes and proteins essential for life.

One way to check if glyphosate pesticide proteins are being made in our bodies would be to see if there is a correlation between glyphosate use and an increase in diseases that impact a part of the body that is dependent on proteins that contain glycine.

That is what Dr. Stephanie Seneff a MIT researcher and colleague Anthony Samsel a long time chemist who has participated in think tanks during his career before retiring believe and have published a new research paper with their findings.

Not only do we see a rise in deaths from our biggest killers, but other diseases that kill us slowly and take away our mind and our freedom as well.  Heart disease, obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer's, kidney failure, autism, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Parkinson's, celiac disease, autism, asthma, and organ diseases effecting the liver, adrenal gland, and thyroid would all be on the list.

It could explain the cases of rare diseases such as microcephaly that certain people want to connect with Zika Virus even though we have not had one confirmed case were it has proven to be the cause.

Areas where microcephaly has happened were heavily sprayed with pesticides including Roundup. In Brazil Genetically Modified mosquitoes were also released.  Another case in Washington State had a cluster of extremely rare anencephaly where babies are born with NO BRAIN.  There was a large amount of Roundup used around waterways to control weeds in the immediate area.

Tune in today, July 26 at 1:00 PM to hear Dr. Stephanie Seneff lay out the scientific facts she has uncovered that support this hypothesis on Smart Health Talk Radio Show on, a CNBC affiliate station out of San Bernardino, California.  We will discuss other published research that supports this theory as well.  Video of the interview will go up on YouTube right after the show, and the podcast will be available here:

You can also call to listen to the show at: (832) 999-1050. Find more information on our website at

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