New release of Krypto1000, purpose-built for Today's Conflict Environments

COMINT Consulting announces the update of Krypto1000, its wideband SIGINT software for VHF-EHF
By: COMINT Consulting
DENVER - July 20, 2016 - PRLog -- COMINT Consulting issues a new release of Krypto1000, purpose-built for Today's Conflict Environments

COMINT Consulting is announcing the release of Krypto1000, a hardware-agnostic SIGINT software suite for multichannel collection, analysis, decoding and classification of wideband signals, VHF-EHF.

Krypto1000 is a radically-new and ultra-fast HD software architecture greatly surpassing capabilities in the standard SIGINT solutions available. It offers unlimited channel processing and unlimited display bandwidths and an ever-expanding collection of complete demodulator-decoder solutions focused on DMR, TMR, PMR, LMR, telemetry and satellite modems.

Krypto1000's server-based capability can switch from a fast response, low CPU usage for micro-SWAP equipment in battle-forward positions or remote, leave-behind systems to a full power mode for standard airborne, naval, fixed-site and vehicle operations.

"Krypto1000 was created for a new age of intelligence and combat," said the COMINT Consulting President, James Kilgallen. "Conflict zones are typically in infrastructure-poor areas, and new technology is allowing terrorists, narcotraffickers and other targets of interest to hybridize RF and cyber communication to bypass detection by legacy systems. Having this level of granular detail on each signal closes the gaps on unknowns."

Mr. Kilgallen has been speaking to AOC,  JEWC,  EW Europe and other agencies about the challenges today facing RF and EW, giving examples of hybrid, burst and other complex waveforms that are being observed in conflict zones.

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COMINT Consulting leads the COMINT/SIGINT field with more SIGINT software suites compatible with several hundred leading hardware manufacturers and system integrators. Further, the company has been instrumental in creating complete new techniques in COMINT, to include precision classification, fingerprinting and visual parsing. With employees averaging more than 30 years of SIGINT experience, COMINT Consulting is trusted by agencies such as NSA, NATO, CIA, the U.S. Department of Defense and many others.

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