Complicity of Nobel Laureates in a crime against humanity?

Nobel Laureates who knew or should have known nanoparticles in GM food emit low levels of UV radiation that scrambles the DNA yet signed a letter to stop Greenpeace from campaigning against GM food are complicit in a crime against humanity
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NPs in GM foods produce UV that scrambles DNA to cause various health problems
NPs in GM foods produce UV that scrambles DNA to cause various health problems
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Recently, a letter allegedly signed by over 100 Nobel Laureates has been made public urging Greenpeace re-examine the experience of farmers and consumers worldwide with crops and foods improved through biotechnology, recognize the findings of authoritative scientific bodies and regulatory agencies, and abandon their campaign against GM food in general and Golden Rice in particular. GM stands for genetically modified.

The letter calls for governments of the world to reject Greenpeace's campaign against Golden Rice specifically, and GM crops and foods in general; and to do everything in their power to oppose Greenpeace's actions and accelerate the access of farmers to all the tools of modern biology, especially seeds improved through biotechnology. The letter argues that Greenpeace by misrepresenting the risks of GM food based on emotion and dogma that is contradicted by science must be stopped. The letter concludes with the question:

How many poor people in the world must die before we consider this a "crime against humanity"? See letter at:

Emotion and dogma do not belong in science. The letter by the GM food industry in refuting Greenpeace's actions is hypocritical in that the letter itself is not based on scientific arguments, but rather on emotion and dogma from the GM food ndustry perspective.

Even so, it is unlikely the Laureates did not know their signature to the letter would support the GM food industry argument against Greenpeace, thereby raising the question as to whether the Laureates based on their scientific expertise knew the letter was false and therefore could only have signed the letter for personal reward.

But is there a scientific argument that the Laureates knew or should have known that GM food may damage human health? If so, a jury would find the Laureates did indeed lie by signing the letter known to be false, an unpardonable act as the Nobel Laureates hold the highest esteem in science.

Causal Relation between GM food and Human Health
The causal relation between GM foods and human health is the NPs included in the formulations to enhance crop performance produce UV radiation. NPs stand for nanoparticles and UV for ultraviolet. For example, in Monsanto's Roundup, carbon nanotubes are used to enhance the plant's absorption of the weed-killer glyphosate that susequently enters the corn or soybean crop, the residue of which remains to produce UV radiaton in the human gut.

Indeed, the Laureates knew or should have known experiments have shown for decades that NPs damage the DNA of all living cells. If the immune system can repair the DNA damage, there is no problem. But If not, the scrambled genes may lead to cancer and birth defects including a variety of health problems as lisred in the thumbnail.

Solar UV is known to damage DNA, but today a UV source inside the body is not recognized by science. However, the Nobel Laurates should be aware that because of QM the NPs that enter the body in GM foods provide a source of low level UV to damage the DNA. QM stands for quantum mechanics.

By QM, the NPs cannot conserve body heat by an increase in temperature because the heat capacity of the atom vanishes at the nanoscale. Instead, QED conserves the heat by creating EM radiation at wavelengths λ = 2nd, where n and d are the refractive index and diameter of the NP. For example, silver NPs commonly used in GM foods having n = 1.32 and d < 95 nm emit EM radiation at wavelengths λ < 254 nm which is beyond the UV-C and is a lethal level for DNA damage in all living systems as the pyrimidine dimers are formed that block replication.

QED stands for quantum electrodynamics, but is a far simpler form light-matter interaction from the QED theory advanced by Feynman and others. In general, see diverse QED applications at, 2010 - 2016; and specifically, Ovarian cancer from talcum powder, and cancer from GM foods at Ibid, recent PRs, 2016.

1. Greenpeace is most certainly not guilty of a crime aginst humanity. To the contrary, it is the the GM food industry that is guilty of a crime against humanity, especially the poor people of the world more exposed to GM foods as the DNA damage caused by the UV radiation from NPs used to enhance crop production scrambles their genes, and if not repaired by their immune system may give rise to the wide range of health problems listed in the thumbnail.

2. The Nobel Laureates signing the letter in support of GM foods knew or should have known the scientific basis of the letter was false and therefore are complicit in the crime of the GM industry against humanity. The Nobel Laueates should immediately retract their signatures.

3. The GM food industry should cease and desist in its campaign against the Greenpeace claim that GM food is harmful to human health as DNA damage from NPs cannot be scientifically denied. As depicted in the thumbnail, the GM food industry should label the foods allowing the consumer to make an informed decision on its purchase.
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