British Actress Rocks the Red Carpet!

Lydia Backhouse Has Quickly Become One of Hollywood's Fastest-Rising Stars
By: Lydia Backhouse
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Lydia Backhouse Rocks the Red Carpet!
Lydia Backhouse Rocks the Red Carpet!
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - June 28, 2016 - PRLog -- Children all over the world fantasize about someday becoming famous movie stars. Most "grow out of it" and pursue "more reasonable" life paths - but not Lydia Backhouse!

"It was always more than a fantasy to me," Lydia explained. "It was my future reality in the making."

She took a moment to reflect, tilting her head slightly and smiling. With an ever-so-frequent twinkle in her eye, Lydia continued, "By the time I was ten years of age, my friends and family acknowledged my passion. They accepted my journey and sincerely believed that I would succeed."

Her smile broadened as she humbly added, "And here I am."

Lydia was doing another TV interview from another Hollywood red carpet world movie premiere. Her extraordinary talent, combined with her outstanding personality, charm, charisma, wisdom "way beyond her years" and work ethic, has made her a busy actress and a sought-after personality for red carpet premieres.

"When I was a child growing up in Great Britain, I would watch television and see movie stars on the red carpet in Hollywood," Lydia shared as her smile grew. "And now I'm walking red carpets with some of those very stars." She looked directly into the camera, sharing these words of wisdom with the TV audience. "Seriously believe in yourself and your future and your dreams can and will come true! Yes, you can absolutely live your dreams!"

Lydia Backhouse is totally comfortable in front of the movie and television cameras and on the red carpet. Videographers, photographers, and TV show hosts are noticeably happy and grateful each time they discover that Lydia will be walking "their" red carpet. Urban Media Group's Bob Delgadillo, one of Hollywood's best-known top celebrity photographers, has shot hundreds of red carpet premieres and always looks forward to shooting Lydia. "Lydia lights up the red carpet," he told us. "She has star quality and charisma that feeds the camera - and she's a genuinely nice person."

Lydia Backhouse - an outstanding classically-trained professional actress and a wonderful lady who is living her Hollywood dream!

Lydia is available for interviews.

Lydia Backhouse is represented by Chris Montgomery of Prodigy Talent, 7080 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 1100, Hollywood, CA 90028 (310) 462-2310


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