How Hillary Clinton's Presidency Will Change the United States Forever

As Hillary clinches the nomination, author J.D. Lakey predicts a possible future
By: Author J.D. Lakey
SAN DIEGO - June 14, 2016 - PRLog -- As the country heads into election season and a showdown between two controversial candidates, many voters find themselves taking stock of the strengths and weaknesses of each nominee. Can Trump tone down his rhetoric? Can Clinton be trusted in light of her past mistakes? Both canditates certainly have their flaws, no doubt. But the most glaring flaw could be Hillary's - for simply being a woman. Many voters quietly wonder: can a woman be trusted as the leader of the free world?

Political analysts theorize endlessly about the candidates and attempt to predict what life would be like under another Clinton presidency. But author J.D. Lakey thinks it takes more than just analyzing data to imagine the future. "Through the written world, writers can bring a situation to life in a way that people can emotionally connect with. We can take a group of characters, get inside their heads, and follow them as each plays out their part in the storyline. If we see stories as metaphors for our own lives, we can use them as a tool to educate ourselves and maybe even improve our lives."

In J.D. Lakey's new book series, The Black Bead Chronicles, she explores the very question of women in power. In this series, a group of humans has left earth, with all of it's corruption, wars, and environmental disasters, and started a new colony in a far corner of the galaxy on a lush planet ruled by massive predators. Only this group of humans has sworn to govern themselves differently. They are ruled by a group of women, and in their society the traits that were traditionally thought of as "feminine" are valued highly - intuition, communication, the forming of social bonds. The group is committed to living in balance with the environment of thier new planet, savage and dangerous as it is. Their children's intuitive abilities are nurtured and the interconnection of all beings is vital not only to her village's way of life, but to their very survival on the planet.

Similar to Hillary Clinton's possible role as leader of the first world, Mora is the First Mother of her dome and the High Mother of all the other domes. But she does not rule alone. From the garden atop the temple tower, she and her circle - in this story, a group of other women - rule through a balanced system of voting. Discipline and order is left up to the men. From this very intricate marriage of knowledge and power flows all the abundance of the land down to even the least member of the village. In other words, economic inequality does not exist. "This is how a woman runs things and runs them well: by drawing a circle of trusted cohorts around her and then granting autonomy to those who wield power in her name while making sure they know what their role in her plan is," says Lakey. "Would she grant more privilege to women over men? No. Because a mother loves both her sons and her daughters equally. Though she is not above meting out a little tough love."

Would Hillary Clinton rule in a similar fashion? "Hillary is a mother," says Lakey. "The entire experience of becoming a mother changes a person forever. You learn to value life in a way men can never understand. This changes the way one views war and poverty because you see it through a mother's eyes - how it affects children. And ultimately, if we want to build a world worth living in, we should focus on that."

J.D. Lakey, who has been writing feminist fiction for four decades, has been an avid reader and writer of speculative fiction since she picked up her first Philip K. Dick novel. The Black Bead Chronicles, published by Wayword Books, are available through

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