Patented "fusion-pod" Dispensing System Now Available From Variblend

This new high-performance, dual-dispensing platform delivers ultra-personalized formulations - perfect for body- and hair care…
By: VariBlend
Robert Brands, VariBlend President and CEO
Robert Brands, VariBlend President and CEO
GREENVILLE, S.C. - May 10, 2016 - PRLog -- The patented Fusion Pod Dispensing System, which delivers tailor-made, custom formulas for consumers of body and hair care products, is now available from VariBlend.

VariBlend is the leader in custom-blending technology and the go-to dual-dispensing destination for marketers and developers alike.

Fusion Pod technology allows consumers to simply and precisely create individualized, salon-quality formulations right at home. Fast and easy for consumers to use, Fusion Pod is proven, high performance and compact. Further, the efficiently integrated, multi-element system keeps actives apart - in a self-contained pod - from the main ingredient until the moment of usage. At that point, the fusion of multiple ingredients is achieved, resulting in a precisely measured custom formula perfectly matched to the needs of the end-user.

The availability of the Fusion Pod dispensing system anticipates further growth of, and consumer preference for, customized formulations that conveniently recreate the salon experience at home. In fact, the pod approach to dispensing has already won over brand owners in the body and hair care markets, including such companies as Kérastase Paris.

"The addition of the Fusion Pod platform further extends our range of innovative, brand-building, dual-dispensing solutions," said VariBlend President and CEO, Robert Brands. "Here is yet another way to keep two products separate, until the moment of use. The customized experience today's consumers crave is what our Fusion Pod Dispensing System delivers."

The growing appeal of Variblend's patented custom-blending, dual-dispensing technology derives from its multi-position, custom-blending design. The company's proven technology holds tremendous appeal for brand owners in a variety of "regimen-based" product categories that deliver a different multi-element formula over time. Such categories include skin care, sunless tanning, hair care or whenever a product requires ingredient separation or needs precise mixing and blending at the moment of application.

Fusion Pod technology is available by way of exclusive license or purchase of the active patents.


VariBlend is the world leader in the manufacture of custom-blending, dual-dispensing technology. By rotating the dispenser head, multiple formula strengths can be selected. Fixed ratio settings are also available. Variblend's patented systems satisfy consumer demand for product personalization and freshness. The patented technology behind VariBlend had previously been sub-licensed and marketed by Versadial Inc.


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