Pristine Agency Reviews Travel Alerts and Travel Warnings for April 2016

The U.S. Department of State issues travel warnings in an effort to caution people from traveling to areas where there is ongoing civil war, unstable governments, and high rates of violent crime or terrorist attacks.
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Pristine Agency: Experience the World
Pristine Agency: Experience the World
HENDERSON, Nev. - April 24, 2016 - PRLog -- Travel warnings for include:

April 1 - Tunisia's Libyan border, including western mountain areas

Travelers should avoid travel to Libya and through the Libyan border due to a number of terrorist attacks against government officials as well as attacks which targeted tourists in 2015. The attacks against tourists, for which ISIS claimed responsibility, took place at beachfront hotels.

April 5 - Columbia

Though security is getting better in tourist cities like Bogota, Medellin, Barranquilla and Cartagena, however the incidence of drug-trafficking violence in urban areas has led to the deaths of American citizens. The threats including muggings and robberies, have occurred on the streets and while using public transit. The U.S. Department of State urges caution when traveling outside of major cities.

April 7 - Pakistan

The U.S. Department of State suggests avoiding non-essential travel to Pakistan due to the significant risk of terrorist attacks targeting U.S. Citizens. Suicide bombing incidents have occurred where U.S. Citizens congregate including airports, shopping districts and churches.

April 11 - Saudi Arabia

The threats targeted against U.S. Citizens by terrorist groups, affiliated with ISIL or Al-Qaida continues to be strong.  The U.S. Department of State urges caution in areas where westerners gather; such as housing developments, restaurants, marketplaces, international schools and hotels. Multiple attacks have been in the form of mass shootings, explosions and suicide bombings.

April 14 - Central African Republic

Due to rapidly deteriorating security systems and the increase of violent sectarian crime, U.S. Citizens are encouraged to leave immediately. Since the overthrow of the government, looting and violence is a real threat causing airports and means of travel to be restricted with little or no warning. U.S. Citizens in need of help should contact the U.S. Embassy in Yaoundé.

April 15 - Mexico

Organized crime continues to be a threat to U.S. Citizens. Violent crimes including homicide, kidnapping, carjacking, and robbery can happen anywhere, even in broad daylight. Before traveling to Mexico, check the U.S. Department of State website for a list of state-by-state assessments.

April 18 - Chad

High levels of violent crime against U.S. Citizens from terrorists groups such as The Islamic State in the West Africa Province continue to be a threat. Bombings as well as kidnapping for ransom are a threat to travelers who should be on alert in locations such as marketplaces, restaurants and places where large groups gather.

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