Texas Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Christian D. Chesson for Alleged Diploma Mill

Former Candidate for Calcasieu Parish District Attorney Cleared of Wrongdoing
By: Christian D. Chesson
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LAKE CHARLES, La. - April 20, 2016 - PRLog -- A suit against former candidate for District Attorney of Calcasieu Parish, Christian D. Chesson, accusing him of taking part in a "diploma mill" in the Houston area, was "non-suited", or dismissed by the Texas District Judge assigned to the case.

In the suit, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, himself since indicted for multiple fraudulent activities, asked the Court to nonsuit all claims against Christian D. Chesson, Legal Properties, L.L.C., and Chesson Family Partnership (which never existed). Furthermore, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton requested a dismissal with prejudice, meaning claims against Chesson cannot be refiled.

When the news was first reported in April 2015, Chesson said that he had no involvement with the school, no Chesson Family Partnership existed and fake diplomas were never sold as originally asserted by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who also requested a temporary restraining order against Chesson, which was denied by the Texas District Judge who also allowed Parkview Baptist School to continue operations as it had for 21 years.

Afterwards, the Texas District Judge granted Parkview's request for an expedited trial to be heard in August 2015 and struck out the State's allegation of the existence of an illicit Chesson Family Partnership, ultimately leading to Chesson's dismissal with Prejudice.

Only a few days after the Texas suit, Chesson was charged and arrested for Contempt and sentenced by Judge Guy Bradberry, which was reversed and Chesson's sentence vacated by the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal, citing suspicious activity against Chesson in their written opinion.

If the suspicions have merit, the public resources funded by using local sales and property taxes were improperly used targeting Chesson and his family following Chesson challenging incumbent Calcasieu Parish District Attorney John DeRosier in the November 2014 elections. Chesson has since been exonerated of all the suspicious legal actions.

Paxton has been Federally indicted on multiple fraudulent charges, has also formed and has ownership in "Watchguard Video." On April 19, 2016, KPLC news featured Watchguard Video cameras and DeRosier supporting new Louisiana legislation that permits the ability to conceal video from being Public Record. Regardless if the anti-public records legislation is passed or not, the opponents of the Watchguard Video cameras say the cameras provide less transparency because of the known ability to edit video footage in comparison to other superior camera equipment of which Attorney General Paxton has no ownership interest.

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