Silk Road Treasure Tours announces new luxury tours to JAPAN and MOROCCO

Silk Road Treasure Tours is expanding its luxury tours into new territory, offering the unique combination of adventure and pampering that the travel specialist is known for, now in Morocco and Japan. These luxury tours offer all the iconic locations, elegant amenities, and culinary pleasures while offering insights into history and culture.
By: Zulya Rajabova
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NEW YORK - April 19, 2016 - PRLog -- Luxury Tour of Japan Classic
This tour will not only cover expected sites, but also provide a window into the soul of one of the world's most aesthetically focused cultures. Take in Tokyo and Kyoto, but also Kanazawa, the "insider's choice" for the ultimate immersion in Japanese history and sensibilities. Enjoy top rated sushi, tempura and noodle houses as well as kaiseki (Japanese haute cuisine) elegant ryokans (inns), plus exquisite temples and gardens.

But this is not just a sightseeing itinerary; it's interactive. Learn to make sushi - or a kimono! See how some of the most sophisticated textiles and lacquer work in the world are created.

The tour starts in Tokyo with a Tea Ceremony. Its combination of Zen Buddhism and refined aesthetic defines the spirit of old Japan. All is not old here though, visit the exuberant Harajuku district of Tokyo where eye-popping Japanese youth fashion was born and continues to bubble! While urban centers contribute their fast pace to the tour, bullet trains speed travelers to soothing bucolic landscapes. There is plenty of time to refresh body and spirit, with stays in royal retreats, walks through tranquil gardens and parks and even a dinner at a geisha house complete with authentically performed music. The Japanese are masters of the art of indulging a guest, and Silk Road Treasure Tour's Luxury Tour of Japan surrounds the traveler with a world of beauty and transcendent sensory pleasures.

Luxury Tour of Morocco

In Silk Road Treasure Tours' Luxury Tour of Morocco, expect to be immersed in the multi-faceted culture and history of this fascinating North African country. Stay in Riyads (Inns) that have been hand-picked for their beauty and hospitality. Bargain - with a local to help you! - in the exotic souks where treasures abound. Take a journey into the desert by camel and be greeted at sunset with a sumptuous desert pavilion and silken sheets amid the dunes. The breathtaking coastline vistas, brilliant sun-drenched colors, and towering Atlas Mountains, complete with the most refined cuisine in North Africa await. And as always, Silk Road Treasure Tours provides the perfect mix of adventure and comfort in this luxury tour of Morocco.

Silk Road Treasure Tours guides love their country and delight in meeting new people to share that love. Morocco is a seductive blend of many civilizations and cultures; Arab, Berber, Moorish, French, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean African, Iberian, and Jewish influences can be seen and felt there. Your guide will be the friend who invites you into a truly heady experience of the senses. Shop with abandon in the ancient Fes medina, the world's largest pedestrian marketplace. You can eat your fill of Moroccan food - or learn how to cook it and where to buy the best ras-al-hanout. Silk Road Treasure Tours' luxury tours are dedicated to giving travelers an uplifting experience and cherished memories. In Morocco, there is an opportunity to soak up another way of life and another perspective on time - and in this day and age, that in itself is a luxury!

About Silk Road Treasure Tours

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