Don't Tip-Toe Around The Important Role Your Feet Play In Your Health

By: The Good Feet Stores of the Central Valley
FRESNO, Calif. - April 1, 2016 - PRLog -- Leonardo DaVinci said, "The foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art".  With 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles, one-quarter of all the bones in the human body are in the feet.  To celebrate the unique and important role our feet play in our day to day lives,  April has been designated National Foot Health Awareness Month.  Established by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), the month of April is dedicated to educating the public about the important role our feet play in our general health and well-being.  The APMA estimates that 20% of the US population has at least one foot problem annually.  Common foot problems such as bunions, calluses, and improper foot hygiene can cause foot pain, which may limit a person's ability to stand, walk or participate in other daily activities.

"The APMA estimates that most people will log more than 100,000 miles on their feet in their lifetime, that's more than four times around the earth," said Larry Schneider, owner of the The Good Feet Stores of the Central Valley.  "Unfortunately, too many people give little thought to proper foot care, and they don't realize the connection between their feet and other common complaints, such as knee, leg or back pain."

The human body is made for movement and the health benefits of simply walking 30 minutes a day have been well documented over the last decade and include: maintaining a healthy body weight and reducing the risk of obesity, a reduced risk of Type 2 Diabetes, reduced risk of coronary heart disease and controlling blood pressure, as well as enhanced mood and mental well-being, just to name a few.   Inactivity is the new enemy and a CNN headline couldn't have said it more clearly, "Sitting Will Kill You."   According to the World Health Organization (WHO), physical inactivity is the fourth leading risk factor for death, causing an estimated 3.2 million death's globally.

Literally at the bottom of everything we do, our feet provide the foundation we need to keep up with the daily demands of work, family and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  The amount of pressure our feet endure each and every day is staggering.  For example, an average person weighing 150 pounds, walking just one mile, exerts the equivalent of 63-1/2 tons of pressure on each foot.  Add to that, the fact that the average person takes between 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day - covering roughly 4 miles - and one begins to develop a new appreciation for just how hard our feet work.

Statistically women experience four times as many problems as men, and fashion is partly to blame.  However universally, the most common cause of foot and foot related problems is simply a lack of awareness or neglect.  Serious illnesses such as arthritis, diabetes, circulatory and nerve disorders may often show their first signs in the feet, bringing to light the added importance of proper foot health.

"It's important for people to realize that our feet mirror our general health and foot pain is not normal.  Maintaining good foot health isn't complicated.  Knowing a few basics and applying some common sense goes a long way to having healthy feet for a life time," noted Schneider.  "As outlined by the APMA, good foot health starts with proper hygiene and wearing properly fitted shoes, appropriate for the activity.  When buying shoes, shop at the end of the day, when your feet are larger; if one foot is larger than the other, buy shoes to fit the bigger foot.  The other thing many people don't realize is that our feet continue to change as we get older, so it's important to have your feet properly measured, at least once a year."

Regardless of your age, maintaining healthy feet is a key component to leading an active, healthy lifestyle.  Many common foot problems, such as heel spurs, bunions, corns, calluses and arch pain may be alleviated, with proper attention.  For more information on foot health and common foot related problems, visit the APMA on-line at or contact the Foot Health Foundation of America at 1-800-FOOTCARE or on the web at

Founded in 2001, The Good Feet Stores of the Central Valley provide personally fitted arch supports, and specializes in comfort and diabetic footwear.  Based in Fresno, Central Valley Good Feet is a member of the American Podiatric Medical Association and owns and operates stores in Fresno and Merced with a Visalia location opening in 2016.   For more information about The Good Feet Store visit or call 1-866-224-3338.

Larry Schneider, Owner
The Good Feet Store (Fresno & Merced)
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