Dear President Obama, a film by Mark Ruffalo and Jon Bowermaster Call Upon President Obama to Watch Their Film

Just released, "Dear President Obama: The Clean Energy Revolution is Now" is 2016's call to action film that challenges Obama's damning environmental legacy during his tenure and demands he act now.
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NEW YORK - March 17, 2016 - PRLog -- Dear President Obama, a film written and directed by Jon Bowermaster, Executive Produced and Narrated by Mark Ruffalo, premieres at the National Geographic headquarters in Washington, D.C. on Friday March, 18th, 2016.

As the Nat Geo headquarters sits just a few blocks away from the White House, the film aims to gain the attention and viewership of President Obama, to watch this film and take action in the remaining months of his presidency to end hydraulic fracturing for natural gas. For explicit reasons explained in the film, people from all socioeconomic status and backgrounds are being negatively impacted by this new way of "fracking."

Not having suitable water to drink, clean air to breathe, and even children playing less than 300 feet from "water storage tanks" that are actually housing toxic by-products of hydrofracking which also are emitting toxic gases, the negatives far outweigh the positives when it comes to hydraulic fracturing. Methane cannot be seen by the naked eye, and this film jarringly reveals the infrared captured images from wells and storage facilities, (these so-called water holding tanks) and drilling facilities all across this country. It uncovers the fallacy of the political promises of "100 years of natural gas, right here in America" being nothing but a gross exaggeration or lie. The film explains the complex relationship between politicians in office and the gas and oil industry, and how and why fracking began.

Simply, you cannot drill for natural gas without releasing methane. And what's the consequence to that? Methane, being 80x more harmful than CO2 that contributes to the atmosphere's blanket causing global warming, nor can you drill for natural gas underneath layers and layers of shale rock a mile or two down without the use of harmful toxic chemicals. Besides the toxic emissions of noxious gases, where do those chemicals go when finished? Usually holding tanks, holding fields, and more alarmingly, farmers are using toxic irrigation water caused by hydrofracking to hydrate crops, and in turn, these fruits and vegetables are ending up on Americans' dinner tables.

California produces 50% of our fruits and vegetables, yet is also the 3rd largest oil and gas producer in the U.S. How can you be green in a toxic soup environment like that? Once known as "Governor Green" Jerry Brown, but because of his relationship with the oil and gas industry and the gamble he has taken for his state, in larger circles, he is now referred to as "Governor Oil" Jerry Brown.

Perhaps the most unusual and unexpected side effects of hydraulic fracking are earthquakes. Since the fracking boom began, communities from Ohio, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas are threatened by tremors and earthquakes never felt before.

Catastrophic results of hydrofracking are plentiful, and the E.P.A. has done little to help. The largest methane gas spill, in the heart of Los Angeles, under the nose of millions of people, causing respiratory problems, nausea, and mysterious illnesses, this leak was just extinguished in 2016. For months starting in 2015, more methane poured out of this one leak than all drilling rigs in the state combined.

It's not just California that is a surprise, Colorado, one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country, and one of the U.S.' most healthiest populations, is now one of the most toxic states in America. Over 40,000 drilling rigs, wells, and holding tanks in that state alone, more than any other state, and countless wells in Colorado and across this country within a mile of a school playground, hospital, daycare, or residence, etc., all emitting methane and other toxic gases that are invisible to the naked eye, but not to infrared cameras. The visuals in Dear President Obama will leave you gasping and shaking your head perplexed that a tragedy of such epic proportions could happen in this country. You'll never look at a "water storage tank" the same way again.

Hydraulic Fracturing: it's going on right now underneath you, unknowingly. You own your property, but you don't own the minerals in the ground underneath your property (the U.S. Government does) which is the loophole the gas and oil companies are pouncing on, as fracking allows drilling out of just one well to reach one to two miles in any direction under the ground. And conveniently and catastrophically, a little change by the Bush Administration (Dick Cheney was the head of a gas and oil company that invented and patented hydraulic fracking before he became VP of the U.S.) and inherited by the Obama administration, this small paragraph insertion and change to the Safe Air and Water Act instituted in the 1970's to protect U.S. citizens of such environmental atrocities, allowed hyrdaulic fracking to begin, without ever informing anyone about what chemicals they use that are ending up in ground, table, well, and other bodies of water, nor having to reveal such information. Limiting the Environmental Protection Agency's (E.P.A.) ability to investigate the countless cases of polluted water, illnesses, accidents, and deaths related to fracking, the specific paragraph change in legislation has made the EPA worthless, even powerless to do anything. And often, making deals with the gas and oil companies that are fracking. Deals?

Gas prices are low, bottomed out as drilling has become rampant but at what cost, and with such misinformation attached. It will have a gross negative effect on the economy; everyone is affected, even New Yorkers who banned fracking in the state. Currently, a pipeline is being built in Westchester County, New York to carry fracked gas from Pennsylvania to New York, Connecticut, and beyond. New York being the only state out of 50 whose Governor, (Gov. Cuomo) banned fracking is still being affected by this dirty fossil fuel.

The time has come for everyone to wake up and acknowledge the dependency and infrastructure built upon the reliance of natural gas, and the horrendous consequences it is having on every American. This film is not a "tree-hugger", Democratic or Republican slam, but yet, a simplistic and factual documentary about hydraulic fracking and the myths, lies, miscommunications, our politicians and the gas and oil industry have placed upon the shoulders of all of us.

I'm not an environmentalist, but this movie inspires you to become one on some level, because we have to protect what we have to pass on to our children, and our children's children. It is the very near future we are talking about, and clean energy is possible. It's totally doable now.

See the film, Dear President Obama and then make those conscientious choices now- as every small decision counts. Stop relying on natural gas, and demand change, as it is the infrastructure they have created that keeps us reliant and is a roadblock to huge change that is needed to become energy independent of fossil fuels. There is only so much available, and the "low hanging fruit has already been picked."

Say NO to FRACKING to your politicians in your state.

Dear President Obama, this is a Clean Energy Revolution.

Press release written by Holly Grace, Executive Producer, Creative Audio + Video Post

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