Pristine Agency: Travel Warnings & Travel Alerts for March 2016

Travelers need to take precautions and be on the alert of possible threats against U.S. citizens when traveling abroad and throughout the world.
HENDERSON, Nev. - March 11, 2016 - PRLog -- The Department of State maintains a website to help identify areas where the risk of terrorist attacks might seem likely.  These security issues are very real, as terrorists groups continue to target several regions throughout the world.

An ongoing region of concern just updated March 1st, is for those traveling to southern and eastern remote areas of Algeria, specifically Kabylie and Wilayas regions.  There is less risk in the major populated areas due to heavy police presence, yet the risk cannot be completely eliminated.  Kidnappings and bombings have occurred in the more mountainous areas of Algeria, and though mostly directed at Algerian military, instances of Algerian workers as well as U.S. and French citizens being attacked and killed have occurred in recent months.  The U.S. government is taking these threats very seriously and warning travelers to avoid these areas. In an effort to keep U.S. diplomats safe, they have imposed special restrictions on travel as well as beefing up security for their protection.

In an alert dated March 7th, the Department of State has issued a warning for travelers in the Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng regions of Laos due to recent shooting incidents along a major road connecting the two cities.  The shootings have resulted in one death and nine injuries. As the cause is currently unknown, officials have chosen to lock down travel and security for embassy officials. Similar attacks in nearby regions on tourist buses, public buses and trucks have resulted in further injuries and multiple deaths.  Both the Department of State and Laos Government officials are cautioning U.S. travelers to take extreme precautions and keep informed on any developing threats or situations in the area.

U.S. citizens must remain alert to the risk of terrorist's attacks and be especially vigilant when using public transportation or attending high profile events or visiting popular tourist attractions. While kidnappings may occur in more remote areas, attacks just this year, in France, Nigeria and Egypt, suggest that extremists may attack in highly populated areas as well in an effort to inflict the most damage.

As terrorist groups continue to be a threat in many regions throughout the world, Pristine Agency strongly recommends travelers check with the Department of State's Website to keep up with the latest information possible before making travel plans.

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