Mobile knowledge based app aids professionals in pharmaceutical industry and clinical research

Introducing 'Pocketable Clinical Pharmacology', a new mobile knowledge based application for professionals interested in clinical research and drug development, running on Apple iOS mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
By: Dr. med. Geza Lakner
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Alphabetical (lexicon) titles listing mode
Alphabetical (lexicon) titles listing mode
Feb. 29, 2016 - PRLog -- Pocketable Clinical Pharmacology (POC) features a broad selection, about 5000 terms and concepts arranged into over 20 filterable topics, in a volume equivalent to cca. 600 printed pages from pharmaceutical medicine, clinical pharmacology and clinical-research-related interdisciplinary fields of science. POC aids research professionals to get to grips with the overwhelming amount and complex interrelations of terms and concepts by revealing their semantic relations via semantic referencing, where cross-references are not just a series of unordered links, but they have been carefully arranged in superordinate-subordinate terms, antonyms and complementary terms. POC also offers a gesture-enabled, thematic sequential reading mode besides the routine alphabetical, lexicon-like browsing and lookup. This latter behavior, where the items are in logical order, provides a unique, concept-based textbook experience. Via user-manageable and shareable, annotated reading lists with focused content, which can be disseminated among a larger group of POC users, the application supports collaborative learning, making it a perfect companion material for training courses in the covered scientific fields.

The 'Free' test-drive version contains a limited, preview knowledge base, but provides the same programmatic functionality as the 'Full' version. The 'Full' version is available in the App Store between 1st-10th March 2016 at an introductory price of EUR 25, with a 30% discount off the street price of EUR 36.

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