Victoria Micu Wins Mrs. Las Vegas 2016 After Suffering Hair Loss

As a busy working mom, Victoria struggled with stress related hair loss for years. She wanted to bring success to her colleagues and non-profits and knew that the Mrs. Las Vegas program could help her achieve those goals. "All women deserve to feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside," says Victoria shortly after her win. Her goal is to empower women to chase their dreams and know that success is inevitable if we refuse to give up.
By: Victoria Micu
Mrs. Las Vegas United States 2016
Mrs. Las Vegas United States 2016
LAS VEGAS - March 1, 2016 - PRLog -- "It's truly unbelievable," shares Victoria, Mrs. Las Vegas United States 2016. "If you saw my weight gain after having my baby, and hair loss, you wouldn't believe I am standing here as a Beauty Queen title holder either," she laughs after winning Mrs. Las Vegas United States 2016.

“So many women face the same struggles I did…stress, hair loss after pregnancy, immune issues etc. and for many it can be life altering. I want to be honest about my struggles so all women know not to give up,” shares Victoria.

Victoria is continuing her journey and hopes to become the next Mrs. United States. She offers these words of encouragement: “no matter what you’re facing, health issues, financial hardships, stress, pain, you will succeed if you choose never to give up…that’s the one thing all of the greats have in common: Disney, Steve Jobs, Gisele Bundchen, they got told ‘no’ collectively over 400 times and still kept going.”

While working as a cosmetic product developer with Chemists behind countless TV Hair and Skin Care brands, Victoria’s hair began falling out due to stress. As the oldest of 7 adopted children, and adopted herself, she had developed a rigorous work ethic in the cosmetic development industry.

That’s when she went to work, traveling the world to find the highest efficacy, most concentrated ingredients for hair growth and thicker, longer, healthier hair that wouldn't break or fallout. The results were phenomenal, and she shows her own before and after photos and beauty queen tutorial videos on her website “So that every woman can become a beauty queen!” she says shortly after launching her hair growth product line LeClaire Beauty.

"Everyone deserves to be beautiful and confident; I wanted to find a way to give that to all women and encourage them to chase their dreams of success like I chased mine, once I finally had confidence again," shares the new Mrs. Las Vegas 2016.

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