Wireless Rapid Deployment CCTV

CHESHUNT, England - Feb. 10, 2016 - PRLog -- Pharos Optimus is EyeLynx’s flagship rapid deployment CCTV Solution. Supplied with the powerful SharpView Manager software for total control of the entire system. Monitor and review evidence quality video, send audio warnings, control barriers and gates, backup video for evidence.

Pharos transmits video to any CCTV monitoring and alarm receiving centre using WiFi, 3G, 4G or ADSL, whilst recording in HD, MegaPixel quality. Includes alarm inputs for intruders alerts and audio for sending warnings from monitoring centres. Fully integrated into IMMIX software.

Machined from solid aluminium, anodised for superior protection in all atmospheric conditions. Tempered flat glass camera window to retain optical clarity with advanced silicone wiper blade.

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Micro-stepped stepper motor with no wearing parts providing smooth silent movement and zero backlash. Speed range 10,000:1 for precise movements at full zoom.

SharpView Manager Professional displays all video formats, high quality MJPEG video can be viewed alongside low bandwidth MPEG4 and H.264 with all resolutions supported.

Events received from Access Control, Fire Alarms, Motion sensors and Intercoms can all be managed alongside CCTV. Security personnel can be alerted to specific events and have confidence in their system to carry out responses to alarms.

The user interface is configurable and subject to bandwidth, unlimited number of users can use SharpView Manager simultaneously from multiple sites. SharpView Mobile is the perfect companion for use on iOs, Android and Windows mobile devices and available free of charge

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Optimus is fully configurable with up to 4 detachable PODs. Choose from

• Full HD1080p Camera
• VGA Thermal Camera
• ANPR Camera
• Visible and/or Infrared LED
• Amplified Speaker

Intelligent & Intuitive Video Analytics
EyeLynx provides a highly reliable and accurate object tracking engine which supports unparalleled sensitivity with a low false alarm rate. With a simple and intuitive user interface users can define a detection rule in just a few mouse clicks.

The Analytics engine has been independently verified by the UK Home Office i-LIDS programme for use in sterile zone applications, so users can rest assured that the system meets stringent performance standards for event detection and false alarm rejection.

Video https://youtu.be/jBdUHgu9ctA

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