Both Sexes Forced to Shower, Change, and Urinate Together

Planet Fitness Secretly Mandates Coed Changing Rooms and Showers
Planet Fitness Secret Policy Says Anatomical Males May Shower With Women
Planet Fitness Secret Policy Says Anatomical Males May Shower With Women
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WASHINGTON - Feb. 7, 2016 - PRLog -- WASHINGTON, D.C. (February 8,  2016):  Contrary to well established tradition - and in some instances apparently in violation of law - men and women are being forced to shower, change clothing, and even urinate together in some public facilities, as a just-filed legal action demonstrates.

        And the new trend goes well beyond single-occupant coed restrooms or shower stalls which can be used by only one person at a time, or even in rare situations involving someone who is truly transsexual, but rather include open showers as well as multi-user coed restrooms, notes the attorney who has been called "The Father of Potty Parity" for his successes in reducing lines at women’s restrooms.

        A just-filed legal appeal from a lower court ruling in Michigan claims that Planet Fitness illegally invaded the privacy of - and created a hostile sexual environment for - a female member by permitting an anatomic male who looked like a "large, tall man" to use the locker room where women change, and even the showers where exercise buffs soap down after a workout.

        The legal action claims that the national policy of Planet Fitness is to permit any male who simply claims to identify as female  - without any proof of being transgendered, and regardless of appearance as a male or female - to use its large open changing area (locker room) and showers labeled for women.

        Moreover, the suit maintains, Planet Fitness engages in misrepresentation by labeling separate male and female showers and changing areas, but does not disclose to its members that it permits any male who claims a "sincere self-reported gender identity" to use those female facilities.

        Interestingly, it appears that the plaintiff’s membership was taken from her because she told some other female patrons that, under Planet Fitness' policy, they might be seen in various states of undress in "all gym facilities" (including showers and changing rooms) by any man who simply claim to be a woman.

         This Planet Fitness policy, known as its “judgment-free zone,” apparently is not communicated to current members or persons considering joining, nor does it even appear on the company's web site where current or prospective members might reasonably become aware of it.

        Interestingly, a law designed to impose this same policy in Houston was overwhelmingly rejected by voters in November over what ads against the proposal called the "bathroom issue."

        Opponents argued that permitting males free access to female restrooms would not only invade the women's privacy, but also endanger them; as several police situations have demonstrated.

        Apparently going even a step further, the George Washington University has just established what may be the first of many multi-user coed restrooms where men and women can urinate together at the same time.

        In other words, in the restroom labeled "ALL GENDER RESTROOM,"  a woman coming in to urinate and/or wash her hands would walk right by as many as three men actively using the urinals, says public interest law professor John Banzhaf, who teaches at the University's law school.

        Since the restroom for many years was labeled "men," no announcement of its altered status was ever made, and regular users may not check for a possible signage change each time they enter, it is possible if not likely that some men standing exposed while using a urinal may suddenly find a woman standing directly behind them, or even to the side as she washes her hands.

        This would presumably be particularly upsetting to men suffering from “shy bladder syndrome” (paruresis) if their restroom companion was of the opposite gender, and probably embarrassing to any man who is not comfortable engaging in bodily functions in the presence of an adult female.

        This goes far beyond the growing trend at many universities to provide so-called "unisex restrooms," since such facilities - like those on airplanes - are almost always limited to only one person at a time, and users customarily would lock the door during each use.  In contrast, the new "ALL GENDER RESTROOM" at GWU is designed to permit four persons to use it at once, not including those who might be washing or drying their hands, combing hair or putting on makeup, etc.

        Planet Fitness’s “judgment-free zone” may even be discriminatory since it does not on its face apply to transvestites - which Wikipedia notes include "heterosexual males (that is, male-bodied, male-identified, gynephilic persons) who wear traditionally feminine clothing."  Certainly males so attired would feel awkward in a male locker room, and might even be subject to the same types of physical violence that M-F transgenders face.  Yet because their strong compulsion to dress and act like women does not result from any discordance about their sexual identity, they would not be permitted to use female changing rooms and showers at Planet Fitness as transgender persons are  entitled to do.

        One may reasonably ask why this novel special accommodation - which arguably intrudes on the privacy of many female gym members - should be extended to anatomical males who have a compulsion to act and appear like women, but not to anatomical males who may feel a compulsion to dress like women which is just as strong although they still think of themselves as male.

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