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LONDON - Feb. 5, 2016 - PRLog -- Ms Bala and her team are commited to providing excellence in state of the art non-surgical procedures here at 96 Harley Street, where you are always guaranteed a first class service and exemplary aftercare. Ms Bala loves nothing more than offering and performing  life-changing treatments for clients.

MNS Micro Needling System is one of the best skin needling products available on the market. It provides all the key main advantages of a top of the range roller and is a popular brand for skin needling clinics.

The MNS Roller is a barrel-like roller with 200 tiny micro needles that are thinner than your own hair! When the needles are rolled across the skin, hundreds of microscopic "pin pricks" are created. As your skin heals underneath, it uses your own collagen to fill the "valleys" of wrinkles and scars naturally without removing the top layer of skin. Collagen is what your body produces to keep your skin young healthy.

Micro needling is a natural skin rejuvenation method that fills and softens wrinkles and scars. It does not use chemicals, fillers, injections, or lasers. The MNS Roller doesn't burn your skin (IPL/laser), dissolve it (chemical peels), or abrade and scrape it (dermabrasion) The MNS Roller does not inject serums or solutions; it only permits deeper infusion of topical applications (e.g., peptides, anti- oxidants, hyaluronic acid and hair growth formulas) thereby increasing the product effectiveness.

Once the tiny micro channels are created by the needles, the barrel itself has a unique way of mechanically pushing the topical serums inside the holes and finally under the skin. It is a well known fact amongst experts that 99.7% of active ingredients in normal cosmetics are wasted because the molecules are too big to penetrate into the skin and therefore just sit on the surface with no effect.

How does Dermal Rollering work?

The concept behind needling is the stimulation of new collagen production in your skin. The needle breaks the skin and causes micro-trauma and micro-inflammation. Your body responds by sending blood to the area for healing. As your skin repairs itself, new collagen builds up just below the surface. The wrinkles, lines, or depressed scars plump from the bottom-up without the use of anything artificial. Repeated needling sessions gradually and continually build new collagen to fill-in the treated areas. The gentle stimulus provided by Micro Needling is far more "skin friendly" and thus far more effective than many other more invasive and more expensive skin treatments. Micro-channels seal within hours after application: long enough for new collagen-structures to form within the lower layers of the skin and short enough to allow you to resume normal schedules quickly. This appears to be the end of the story. But it isn't.

Underneath the skin's surface, much more is going on. In fact, the healing response which begins immediately upon the injury kick-starts a healing process that last for several months, and up to a year. This natural healing process is where all the magic happens.


Increased absorption.

Clinical studies have proven that serum absorption is increased by as much as 1,000 times when applied with Micro Needling.
The surface skin remains intact.
This procedure does not permanently damage the skin. Unlike lasers which burn through the skin layers, including the topmost surface layer that is visible to us (the epidermis), needling does not destroy the surface layer.
Less pigmentation changes.
Because the epidermis is left untouched, there is less risk of permanent structural damage such as post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation (skin darkening) or de-pigmentation (color loss or skin whitening).
No side effects.
There are no side effects such as thinning of the skin or increased sun sensitivity because the epidermis is preserved. Skin needling uses no artificial fillers so the chance of an allergic reaction or infection is also minimized.
The skin density is increased.
Minimal risk of skin damage because the dermis becomes thicker in the treated areas instead of thinner. Safe to use on thin skins.
Fast Healing and No Downtime.
Needling is precisely controlled and creates minimal dermal trauma. No bleeding, infection, discoloration or other complications on the treated area with home models.
Low maintenance.
The long healing process underneath will happen without any intervention. You may have to needle the site a few times for the best results, but other than that, your own body's healing mechanism will do all the work.
Ongoing treatments are possible.
Other resurfacing methods cannot be repeated indefinitely because they eventually thin the skin and create photosensitivity. It can also be performed safely on skin that previously had laser re-surfacing treatments or dermabrasion.
Safe to use on all areas.
Most resurfacing methods must avoid the delicate eye area, but needling can safely treat areas around the eyes such as "Crow's Feet." It can be used on face, neck and body.
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