Spoiled silage? You need bias ply truck-tire sidewalls

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Solid Regular Tire Sidewall
Solid Regular Tire Sidewall
MONTREAL - Jan. 26, 2016 - PRLog -- Let’s face it; anything spoiled is unappetizing … and spoiled silage is no exception. But unappetizing is the least of it. Tainted silage reduces herd intake and production by disrupting normal rumen function. This can lead to reproduction problems or impaired cattle health. If the silage is moldy, respiratory problems may develop and if the mold produces mycotoxins, the health issues can be even more serious.

Trying to disguise spoiled silage by incorporating it into your total mixed ration (TMR) may seem like a reasonable compromise as well as a cost-cutting measure. It’s anything but! A study carried out at Kansas State University demonstrated that mixing as little as 5.4% of badly spoiled silage into a ration decreased dry matter (DM) intake by 1.3 pounds per day and reduced neutral detergent fiber (NDF) digestibility of the whole TMR by seven points. So, you’re not only looking at jeopardizing herd health, you’re more than likely increasing your costs due to the issues arising from the “solution.”

Focus instead on preventing the problem

Sometimes large bunker silos are left unsealed since covering them is cumbersome, labor intensive and deemed unworthy of the time and effort required. But left unprotected, DM losses in the top one to three feet can exceed 60 to 70%; particularly disconcerting considering that 15 to 25% of the silage might be within the top three feet. Depending on silo size, losses can cost up to $10,000 and more.

Currently, the most common sealing method is to cover the ensiled forage with a polyethylene sheet (6 mil) weighted down with discarded tires. But not all tires are created equal. Your best bet is twofold: using 100% nylon, bias ply truck sidewalls as bunker silo weights and ordering them from Danny Nadler of Tire Sidewall Depot.

Danny has been efficiently filling the need for safer, more sanitary bunker silo covers since 1995. Tire Sidewall Depot offers 100% nylon, bias ply truck-tire sidewalls as user-friendly, cost effective and cleaner alternatives to less efficient whole tires. Having several strategically located facilities across North America, Tire Sidewall Depot delivers across the nation and enjoys a strong market position. With a vision for the future offering superior product lines with competitive pricing – and Danny Nadler as president and CEO – Tire Sidewall Depot’s customers are assured of exceptionally competent, friendly and reliable service.

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