CBS Coverage of Dr. Anthony Starpoli and Stomach Balloons for Weight Loss

CBS Health Reporter, Dr. Max Gomez, interviews Dr. Starpoli and a patient who underwent placement of the Orbera intragastric balloon for weight loss in New York City.
By: American Obesity Center
Anthony A. Starpoli, MD
Anthony A. Starpoli, MD
NEW YORK & SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico & POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. - Jan. 22, 2016 - PRLog -- An intragastric balloon is placed through the mouth using a video endoscope under anesthesia. The balloon is subsequently inflated with approximately 600cc of saline fluid. The entire procedure takes about 30 minutes and the patients go home the same day. Balloons remain in the stomach for 6 months and are removed at that time. Research shows that patients will lose about 40% of their excess weight. After 6 months, people lost an average 3.1 times the weight that patients lost with diet and exercise alone, based on the U.S. studies. Dr. Starpoli has a strong emphasis on dietary and behavioral guidance.

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A unique aspect of the program created by Dr. Starpoli is to employ smart mobile technology whereby regular visits with the nutritionist are conducted virtually through a telehealth portal accessible by any computing device. Additionally, there is Fitbit activity integration and dietary logging to the platform that provides detailed information for tracking progress and giving guidance. The nutritional program continues for an additional 6 months after removal of the balloon.

The Orbera balloon (Apollo Endosurgery Inc.) was approved by the FDA on August 5th, 2015 and is intended for use in patients with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 30 to 40. There have been over 200,000 Orbera gastric balloons placed worldwide. All prospective patients are evaluated by Dr. Starpoli prior to treatment.

As a leading New York Gastroenterologist, Dr. Anthony Starpoli manages the spectrum of gastrointestinal disorders and focuses on the endoscopic and incisionless management of obesity. He is board-certified in Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine and is affiliated with Lenox Hill-Northwell Health System, Mt. Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center, and the NYU Langone Medical Center.

Dr. Starpoli has offices in New York City and in Poughkeepsie, New York.

More information is available at or

Office telephone:  212-673-2721 or 845-471-1354.

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