Would Dr. King Be Celebrating? Definitely Not! The New Enlightenment Details the Necessary Major Political and Economic System Reforms

In the Age of Enlightenment, societies advanced through widespread consideration of radical ideas for economic, political and social development, and a common sense of shared responsibility to improve their world. America was born in the Age of Enlightenment. Important similarities to injustices that led to the Enlightenment revolutions exist today.
By: The New Enlightenment Citizen’s Union
NORTH FORT MYERS, Fla. - Jan. 18, 2016 - PRLog -- A UMass study found that 38% of Americans can’t meet basic needs. But African Americans have been most severely disadvantaged by an economic system serving well a small elite at the expense of the majority. Huge economic inequality & political inequality must end.

27.6% of African Americans live in poverty, 12.8% in deep poverty. 38% of African American children live in poverty. African Americans have 1/20 the per capita wealth of whites. Unemployment rates in black communities rival those in Third World countries. The United States imprisons a larger percentage of its black population than South Africa did at the height of apartheid. Since the time Dr. King was decrying the condition of African Americans, conditions have worsened. Extreme levels of injustice, for not just African Americans, have resulted from major political system dysfunction.

A three-decade, 1,779 policy issue study indicates we are no longer a democratic republic, or a society organized in the interests of its people — policymakers ignore the average American’s policy change preferences.

400 Americans' total wealth equals that of the least wealthy 195 million Americans. The New Enlightenment describes how we are all harmed by this degree of inequality. It would not exist in a truly democratic republic.

Extreme economic inequality and political inequality motivated the Age of Enlightenment revolutions — one was the American Revolution.

The New Enlightenment — the needed new, peaceful revolution’s foundation. The policies detailed will:

·         Eliminate the dominating importance of money in our political system, largely through broadcast station candidate free airtime requirement systems. Historic levels of democratic functioning will result.

·         Lift tens of millions of poverty-plagued Americans to a standard of living that now exists in the middle class; substantially improve the standard of living of tens of millions more, through an expanded EITC and other policies.

·         End Unemployment.

·         Reduce full-time work hours to 36 hours/week.

·        Transform most businesses, over a two-decade transition period, to worker ownership and control through capital access systems, other supports, and regulations.

·       Create a new media culture more responsive and accountable to the majority through worker ownership and control of most media corporations.

·         Eliminate tuition for two- and four-year public colleges.

·         Increase GDP and create a $500 billion surplus.

·         Create other beneficial, transformative societal impacts.

About the Author

Robert Bivona has a degree in physics, graduate work in physics and engineering, and decades of professional experience in physics, math and engineering. He has chosen to apply his analytic skills to public policy development because our nation urgently needs fresh policy solution ideas from outside professional political and economics orthodoxy. Our political problems and resulting economic problems — largely caused by current political and economic professionals — are resulting in great injustices and unnecessary hardships for tens of millions of our fellow citizens, and are an existential threat to our nation.

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Robert Bivona

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