PBS NewsHour Interview with Ronald Mallett Proves Marshall Barnes' Allegations of Fraud

In a shocking revelation to PBS News Hour reporter, Nsikan Akpan, world famous physicist Ronald Mallett admits he won't be able to make a time machine after all, proving Marshall Barnes right, that Mallett never had the brains for it.
Ronald Mallett in lecture 2007 Copyright 2007
Ronald Mallett in lecture 2007 Copyright 2007
Jan. 10, 2016 - PRLog -- “There it is. You’re caught. You’re right, of course. But, you can’t imagine. Arrest him. I don’t know what’s in the house. Oh, I want this. What a disaster. He was right. I was wrong. And the burping. I’m having difficulty with the question. What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course.”

Those words, heard around the world when HBO's, The Jinx: The Life and  Deaths of Robert Durst, aired the recording of Durst in a bathroom talking to himself while still wearing a microphone, have legal experts wrangling over whether it's admissible in court or was a true confession. However, there's no doubt what the following will mean for Ronald Mallett from an interview with PBS NewsHour's Nsikan Akpan (see http://www.pbs.org/newshour/updates/tv-radar-guns-and-other-technology-linked-to-einsteins-theories-of-relativity 7 pp from the bottom). Akpan stated, in reference to the idea of time travel -

"Another barrier to time twisting is energy. The juice required for prototype’s ability to twist space would be 23.9 Joules — about as much power as 24 mile per hour baseball pitch. But the energy for twisting time would be off the charts."

Mallett, retired from the University of Connecticut, who's claimed for years to have a design for a working time machine, is quoted as:

'That on the surface appears to require an enormous amount of energy. I mean a huge amount of energy, like stellar quantities,' Mallett said."

It may not mean much, to anyone not in theoretical physics, but those words hold more significance than those uttered by Durst. In fact, because Mallett said them, willingly and on the record, they're a clear admission, with devastating consequences.

"It's an admission that many physicists have been correct about Mallett's model for a time machine - he won't meet the energy requirements he's been saying, at '"low power". If his design requires 'stellar quantities' of energy, it's no better than a Tipler cylinder or any other impractical design. It means my paper criticizing not only his design, but stating he doesn't have the brains for designing a time machine, was right. It leaves me the top time travel expert in the world, period".

The words of internationally noted R&D engineer of advanced concept science and technology, Marshall Barnes (http://lanyrd.com/profile/paranovation/bio/) who's known Mallett since 2007 and is now Mallett's chief critic and number one scientific adversary.

Mallett's other critics are physicists J.R. Gott of Princeton, Ed Farhi of M.I.T., Michio Kaku of CUNY, Allen Everett and Ken Olum of Tufts University and Sean Carroll of Cal Tech. But those are only the publlic ones. In a dramatic incident, told in Marshall's book, Space Warps and Time Tunnels:The Infamous Legacy of One Stephen W. Hawking, David Toomey, author of The New Time Travelers, told Marshall "under interrogation" that Stephen Hawking and Kip Thorne told him not to add Mallett to his book because "his work isn't very good".

"Like I said in the book, I wan't sure if I believed Toomey but I figured if he were correct, if I asked Thorne about Mallett, I should get an emotional answer of some sort. I did".

Marshall states,Thorne's answer was straight and as focused as one of Mallett's lasers.


"Mallett's admission means all claims of Mallett being a genius solving the Einstein equations for General Relativity to allow him to build his time machine are a false, his machine working on low power is a lie, that he created the 'world's first time machine' is another lie and that he is working on, building, or on the verge of or any other variation of constructing such a device, is an unforgivable fraud. He should refund all the money he got from those high school kids and others, because now it can never be used for the purpose it was intended. Mallett will never build his stupid time machine, just as my paper predicted'".

Marshall refers to his paper, Ring Lasers, Closed Timelike Curves, Causality Violation and the Total Design Failure of Ronald Mallett's Time Machine of SpaceTime Twisting By Light (see http://www.prlog.org/12506692-marshall-barnes-pens-paper-... ) which is the first to ever point out engineering design issues, and failures by Mallett to understand temporal mechanics, preventing the device's functioning, indicating Mallett's inability to ever design a time machine.

Case in point - a documentary from the History Channel portrays Mallett discussing the "only practical way of sending a message back in time",  using circular patterns of lasers producing a gravitational field to twist space-time,  and shooting neutrons through. Mallet says: "Let's say I'll call the spin up a 1 and I'll call a spin down a 0. So imagine sending a stream of neutrons with spin up, spin up spin down, spin up ...what do you call that? It's binary code."

Marshall scoffs with disdain.

"The moron doesn't even realize you can just transmit radio waves to send a message. It doesn't have to be digital and no one in the past would detect a digital message sent with neutrons, anyway."

The documentary states Mallett thinks he can have a machine working in ten years (2022) but with his new admission, it'll never happen.


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