Make the right “mooove” to bias truck sidewalls to protect your silage

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Cows from Missouri
Cows from Missouri
MONTREAL - Jan. 8, 2016 - PRLog -- When cows vocalize there’s usually a reason for it … and, for the most part, it’s not because they’re happy. Save for the sound of chewing, contented cows are quiet ones. So if they’re discontent and mooing away, what are they trying to say?

According to long-time Minnesotan dairy farmer, Tim Zweber, cows have various styles of moo to differentiate their beefs! For example:

·      The most distinct (and possibly most irritating) is the call of a cow (or bull) seeking a mate. It starts as a low moo followed by a bunch of ooos in a much higher pitch, separated by pauses.

·      A cow in search of herd-mates starts out high pitched and goes as high as her voice will allow, usually cracking at the end.

·      An uncomfortable cow will, without opening her mouth, make low, almost vibrating moos. The most common causes are being squashed between other cows or being really heavily pregnant.

Or (although Mr. Zweber failed to mention it) it just might mean “my silage is wet and smelly and it tastes just awful”.  That’s the farmer’s cue that it’s time to invest in 100% nylon, bias ply truck-tire sidewalls, the most secure and efficient way to hold down the protective polyethylene tarps intended to prevent spoilage from feces and bacteria in the soil, stagnant water (a powerful breeding ground for insects, vermin and other disease-causing contaminants) wind, and heavy rain. Bias ply truck-tire sidewalls are also user-friendly, cost effective and cleaner alternatives to unwieldy whole tires. They not only help keep silage fresh and nutritious, they protect the environment and farmers from the harm caused by rusting metal wires found in radial sidewalls. And, as a bonus, farmers not only work more efficiently, safely and hygienically, they substantially reduce the risk of spoiling their silage.

So if your cows are mooing uncomfortably, they may just be telling you it’s time to call Danny Nadler at Tire Sidewall Depot. He has been successfully serving the agricultural industry since 1995 by filling the need for safer, more efficient bunker silo coverage. With several strategically located facilities across North America, Tire Sidewall Depot delivers across the nation and enjoys a strong market position. And, with a vision for the future offering superior product lines with competitive and fair pricing – and Danny Nadler as president and CEO – customers are assured of exceptionally competent, friendly and reliable service. To contact Danny, visit Tire Sidewall Depot, write to or call 1-888-581-5488.

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