AEX and Stephen Bush Expand Career Training Services for Business Writing and Consulting

Due to recent major changes in the business marketplace, Stephen Bush and AEX Commercial Financing Group are expanding career training services involving small business consulting and specialized business writing.
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Expert Help and Practical Solutions from Stephen Bush and AEX
Expert Help and Practical Solutions from Stephen Bush and AEX
LEESBURG, Ohio - Jan. 5, 2016 - PRLog -- AEX Commercial Financing Group (AEX) and Stephen Bush proudly announce the immediate expansion of advanced career training services for business writing and small business consulting. While Stephen Bush and AEX will continue to provide business writing and consulting help for traditional business projects, specialized career training will be expanded due to significant marketplace changes such as reduced availability of small business financing from traditional banks and increased emphasis on high-quality business writing by business customers. AEX is also expanding career training programs in response to changing employment trends.

AEX career training services can facilitate accelerated learning for professional consulting and writing. According to Stephen Bush, Chief Executive Officer for AEX Commercial Financing Group, "Business writing and consulting are viable career paths for anyone seeking a solo career opportunity or looking for a second job and part-time work. AEX career training is provided on a one-to-one basis. Why is this important? Expensive college degrees and other group training approaches frequently fail to produce expected career-oriented results."

Career Training Fees

Preliminary career analysis and feasibility fees start at $300. For more extensive career training, fees range from $1500 to $5000 for AEX individualized programs. AEX specialized career training is provided by the Founder and CEO of AEX Commercial Financing Group, Stephen Bush.

As noted by Steve Bush, "Anyone looking ahead at future career success should be increasingly skeptical of traditional career paths. Business writing and consulting careers that AEX is preparing individuals for can be pursued on a part-time basis or as a second job. Time management flexibility is essential for anyone juggling multiple responsibilities."

Military Career Transitions

Stephen Bush (a Navy veteran) offers two primary suggestions for military personnel transitioning to a civilian career:

1.    "For most career changes, finding effective individualized training is the most prudent strategy — but avoiding ineffective group training is rarely easy."
2.    "The role of college education in producing tangible career benefits has changed — the need for an expensive college degree is seriously over-rated for a growing number of promising business careers."

Expert Career Training Help from Stephen Bush

Video presentations in this press release were produced by Stephen Bush — the business writing video describes 10 ways to make business writing more effective. AEX Commercial Financing Group currently provides career training services throughout the United States and Canada. Please contact Stephen Bush at AEX for practical and candid help from a business career expert and military veteran.