The Angry Historian Speaks out for a Better Future In "A More Perfect Union: The Peculiar Predicament of American Democracy"

Much has been made in politics about the need for change, about realizing the vision of our founders, and respecting our Constitution. Yet no one wants to talk about a cohesive idea of what this entails or how to accomplish it. How do we take our revolutionary past and bring its spirit into our present, using it to shape our future?
A More Perfect Union by AMN Goldman
A More Perfect Union by AMN Goldman
Dec. 10, 2015 - PRLog -- Not to be confused with a later book titled "A More Perfect Union" by Ben Carson, AMN Goldman says that by understanding our past, we can hope to achieve a better future. And that is what it’s all about – using the past to illuminate the present and light a way forward.

A More Perfect Union
interweaves history and current affairs in an attempt to show what citizenry in America is and how our government was designed to work. By providing objectivity and historical perspective, it bridges our revolutionary origins, our founding fathers, our Constitution, and modern politics so that citizens may truly understand and appreciate the path our government has taken. It begins by introducing readers more intimately with our founding fathers and the values which precipitated our constitution. Progressively, it introduces the reader to developments, traditions, and movements which spawned after and without any basis in our constitution.

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A More Perfect Union argues that finding our place within our government is about participation, perspective, and progress.

“…brings into focus each of the Founding Fathers who had a hand in creating the Constitution…”

“…very important history which can’t be ignored given the current tendencies of the government to encroach personal liberties.”

About the Author
A.M.N. Goldman is an adept historian and American warfighter. The author holds degrees from Boston University with distinction. A.M.N Goldman is a retired veteran of the United States Navy, having served as a Surface Warfare Officer. The author continues to research and write, while also moonlighting as a teacher and raising a bevy of children. The author maintains an active blog at

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