National Widowers’ Organization Offers Online Resource For Those Dealing With Loss During The Holiday Season

MARTHA'S VINEYARD, Mass. - Dec. 9, 2015 - PRLog -- The holiday season can be an especially tough time for those who are grieving a loss. Triggers that raise emotions can surface at different times for different reasons, and this time of the year offers many memories that serve to bring them to the surface. The National Widower’s Organization is providing new resources to help widowers deal with these feelings.

Available on their website ( is a documentary, “Men Navigating Grief,” part of a series of films in the Secret Maps Project. This short piece was made available to the organization by the producer, Maryann Manelski, and it provides insights into the experiences of widowers. Individuals can also find an instructional and transformative video from the Project called the “Secret Map of Surviving Loss” on the website.

The “Secret Map of Surviving Loss” is a film for those who have suffered the loss of a loved one. In this unprecedented documentary, five brave souls provide comfort to the grieving by sharing their stories. Framed by three bereavement experts, audiences are guided through the grievers’ journey from initial loss and shock to struggles with guilt, secondary losses and triggers, to wrestling with questions of identity, making meaning and finding peace. Like a virtual bereavement group, the “Secret Map of Surviving Loss” illuminates the often difficult path that leads to healing and normalizes every griever’s experience.

Sam Feldman, founder and Chairman of the National Widowers’ Organization, participated in the film, sharing his story of loss. He says of his involvement in this project, “After seeing the completed films and support materials that are available for individuals and professionals alike, I am convinced Maryann’s work can make a significant difference to the widowed community in a new and effective way.  At a time when resources to support widowers are scarce, the Secret Maps Project provides individuals, professionals, and organizations with tools that can help many.”

The National Widowers’ Organization is making access to these worthwhile films available by providing free viewing to individuals through their website (

The National Widowers’ Organization is dedicated to understanding and promoting support for widowers and their families through public awareness, education, research, and advocacy. Visit the National Widowers’ Organization, Inc. website at: for more information or contact them by email at:

Frederick Spero,
Executive Director