Copyhouse Press Ltd Announce More Details of "Destiel" - the Forthcoming Novel by Jordyn Burlot

LONDON - Nov. 15, 2015 - PRLog -- Copyhouse Press are pleased to announce more details of "Destiel," the forthcoming debut novel by romance author Jordyn Burlot.

"Destiel" is scheduled for worldwide release in paperback format on December 1st, 2015.

The novel can today be revealed as a romantic tale of bittersweet forbidden love with particular relevance to the LGBTQ demographic, although it will appeal to all lovers of quality romance fiction.

"Jordyn Burlot has brought a simplicity to what is at times an overly-complex genre with the all-encompassing message of "Destiel" - love is love" said John Lawrence, Head of Client Services at Copyhouse Press.

At a publicity event in London, Copyhouse Press and Jordan Burlot were pleased to release the following extract from "Destiel" -


"I reach his hotel room in the early hours. The low orange light from the table lamp flickers upon my arrival, causing a warm glow to dance across his pale complexion. He is on top of the bedding and I notice his ripped shirt lying on the floor next to him. I wonder what has happened to cause the tear, and then I am distracted by his creamy, satin skin. He is sleeping but not soundly, I know the lowest of sinister whispers will rouse him in an instant, and his hand, which is nestled beneath his pillow, will pull his gun. My heart races as I watch the rhythm of his chest while he breathes deeply. He’s alone, he’s always alone these days. I long to lay beside him and whisper how I feel but I cannot. I hold my thoughts together. I have to. I know I can never earn back my wayfarer’s wings if I give in to this temptation. I will remain without my powers, my grace of flight, abandoned and imprisoned within my own imperfection forever..." ​


Jordyn Burlot is available for interview and can be contacted via Copyhouse Press

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