Frequently retrenched executive retold his experience as a dolphin in a new parable book

Author urges mid-life crisis executives to leave their shell and search fearlessly for the pearl in virgin territories in his new book, "Make The World Your Oyster"
By: Michael Lum
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SINGAPORE - Nov. 8, 2015 - PRLog -- An executive got tired of being retrenched so many times that he reflected his experience in writing a business parable about two dolphins in their midlife crisis leaving their comfort zones in search of virgin territories.

Michael Lum, an accountant, used to work in corporate Singapore. He soon got tired of corporate politics, restructuring and downsizing. His experience gave him the impetus to write a book entitled “Make The World Your Oyster!”

One evening, a thunderstorm saw him cancel a motivational preview. Instead, he watched dolphins on TV. It gave him the inspiration to cast them as the protagonists.

Over three years, he sent the manuscript to over 150 publishers without success. Meanwhile, he took the opportunity to thicken the plot. Visiting different cafes in the tropical island exposed him to the different environments needed for his creative juices.

One Sunday when Michael and his family gathered for regular meals, they were served oysters at a restaurant. Slurping the oysters gave him the idea to incorporate the pearl and the oyster, and they made it to the cover.

Left with no choice, Michael turned to self-publishing with Createspace. To make it reader-friendly and interesting, he conceptualized wall quotations and 30 cheeky cartoons interspersed throughout his 107-page book.

A chance encounter with Stephen Lundin, the author of FISH!, a book that sold over five million copies, gave Michael the opportunity to ask him to review it and pen the forward.

Stephen Lundin wrote, “Michael is a consummate storyteller. This parable reflects the realities of today’s corporate world to which we must respond or be left behind. Used in the right way, this book will guide you out of your comfort zone and into the innovation zone.”

Vermont, one early purchaser of his book, reviewed on Amazon, “As an executive mired in my midlife crisis, this book gives me the inner strength to think courageously out-of-norm. I guess I am not alone. Many out there in the marketplace are in the same dire straits. I am now motivated to put action in what I always wanted to do.”

This book is available both in paperback ($14.77) and eBook ($9.77) from Amazon.

Michael Lum lives with his family and Kiko, a grey British Shorthair in Singapore.

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