So you want to be a Civil Engineer?

Civil Engineers are in high demand, but how much can one earn. Maple Resourcing carried out an exclusive salary comparison of Civil Engineers across 5 regions in the UK.
LONDON - Nov. 3, 2015 - PRLog -- Civil engineers are often called the back-bone of the Engineering industry. They are in high demand across many sectors, particularly Construction, Infrastructure and Geotechnical.

It is well documented that there is an acute shortage of skilled civil engineers. This is not just restricted to the UK, it is a global issue. The UK government has recognised that this shortage could have a profound effect on the UK’s economic growth. They have set the target of attracting 257,000 new entrants into the industry by 2020. An ambitious task! So what can a civil engineer expect to earn?

About the data set

Research conducted by Maple Resourcing, using salaries published by, and its own placement figures was used to calculate the average annual salary of graduate and experienced civil engineers across 5 UK regions: Scotland, South-east, North-east, Wales and Midlands.

Table 1.

Region          Graduate          Experienced

Scotland       £25,689.00       £47,250.00

South East    £24,000.00       £56,250.00

North East     £22,250.00       £45,000.00

Wales          £24,000.00       £37,250.00

Midlands        £26,500.00       £40,750.00

Average          £24,487.80       £45,300.00

Source:, and Maple Resourcing.

Using figures published in Table 1, we were able to calculate the average annual rate for graduate and experienced civil engineers. A graduate civil engineer can expect to earn £24,487.80 per annum. An experienced civil engineer can expect to receive on average £45,300.00 per year.

Highest paying region

Not surprisingly the South East pays the highest rate for experienced civil engineers, where the average salary is £56,250.00. This is followed by Scotland with an average of £47,250.00.

The Midlands pays the highest average salary for graduate civil engineers, £26,500.00. This is followed by Scotland, with £25,689.00.

Lowest paying region

Gradate civil engineers in the North-east, Wales and surprisingly South-east earn the lowest. Graduates in the North-east earn on average £22,250.00 and in Wales and the South-east they earn £24,000.00 respectively.

It is not good news for experienced civil engineers in Wales either as they also earn the lowest salary of £37,250.00.

Differences in graduate and experienced salary by region

Table 2 shows the percentage difference between the average annual salary of graduate and experienced civil engineers across the 5 regions.

Table 2.

Region       Graduate       Experienced     % difference

Scotland     £25,689.00    £47,250.00         45.63

South East  £24,000.00    £56,250.00         57.33

North East   £22,250.00    £45,000.00         50.56

Wales          £24,000.00    £37,250.00         35.57

Midlands      £26,500.00    £40,750.00         34.97

Average       £24,487.80    £45,300.00         45.94

Table 2 shows that the region with the largest percentage difference between graduate and experienced civil engineer salaries is the South-east. There is a staggering 57.33% difference between what a graduate and an experienced civil engineer earn. This is lowest in the Midlands with 34.97%.


Graduates in the South-east earn 10.42% less than those based in the Midlands and earn 7.29% more than those in the North-east.


Experienced civil engineers in the South-east earn higher salaries than every other region. In fact 33.78% more than a civil engineer based in Wales and 27.56% more than a civil engineer based in the Midlands.


The regional differences amongst the salaries for graduates is marginal. This can’t be said for experienced civil engineers. Booming wages in the South-east are leaving the other regions behind.

Emma Saldanha, Marketing Consultant
Maple Resourcing PRs
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