Protect your silage investment with 100% Nylon, Bias Ply Truck-Tire Sidewalls for your Bunker Silo Coverage

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Cows Grazing
Cows Grazing
MONTREAL - Oct. 18, 2015 - PRLog -- Maximizing ruminant livestock production depends on producing and storing superior silage. It is widely acknowledged that the best long-term silage storage choice for expanded dairy farms is bunker silos maintained with reinforced coverage to prevent aerobic contamination. Holding down silage covers to eliminate the infiltration of air is best achieved with tire sidewalls for bunker storage as they provide greater safety, reduce the size of the face, and reduce both packing and covering labor.

Silage should be harvested at the correct degree of maturity to assure desired feed quality and proper sugar content for good fermentation. And, to reduce the risk of weather related losses, hay crops should be chopped and stored within three days of cutting. Still, failure to correctly manage silage during filling and storage can result in a substantial loss of quality.

Once the top surface has been properly packed, it should be covered immediately, preferably with six millimeter thick silage-grade polyethylene or reinforced plastic, held tightly to the silage surface and sealed at the edges to prevent air or rainfall from entering the silage. Air infiltrating the silage causes spoilage and rain washes out organic acids and introduces oxygen, thereby increasing the pH and encouraging silage spoilage. When tires are used to weigh the plastic bunker cover down, they should touch each other to provide a uniform weight and prevent the plastic from blowing in the wind or tearing.

Silage must be covered even as the silo is being filled; if filling stops midstream for a significant length of time, the partially filled silo should be completely covered with plastic and held in place to prevent the admission of air. A continuous layer of bias ply truck-tire sidewalls works particularly well for holding down the plastic. Completely metal-free, they don’t cut plastic or hands; they are stackable and they don’t hold water which means they protect immeasurably against vermin, insects, and pathogens. What’s more, their enlarged size provides maximum coverage, with the weight equivalent to whole tires. With bunker silo truck-tire sidewalls, farmers can not only work more efficiently, safely and hygienically, they substantially reduce the risk of spoiling their silage.

Danny Nadler, proprietor of Tire Sidewall Depot carries a full line of sidewalls for bunker silos. They are 100% nylon, bias ply truck-tire sidewalls that are environmentally friendly, durable and a one-time investment. And, with Danny’s vast knowledge of the industry and several strategically located facilities, Tire Sidewall Depot delivers across the nation. For additional information, visit or call Danny Nadler toll-free at 1-888-581-5488. But don’t put it off: supply doesn’t always meet the demand. Get your orders in early.


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