BEPeterson Supplies Godfrey & Wing a Batch System Vacuum Chamber

BEPeterson_Vacuum Chamber_Hydraulic Closure
BEPeterson_Vacuum Chamber_Hydraulic Closure
AVON, Mass. - Oct. 12, 2015 - PRLog -- BEPeterson, Inc. has supplied a batch system vacuum chamber to Godfrey & Wing. Godfrey & Wing has 65 years of experience and is recognized as the worldwide authority in vacuum impregnation. Godfrey & Wing designs and manufactures a complete line of innovative vacuum impregnation equipment and sealants. Vacuum impregnation as an industrial process has been in commercial use for more than 60 years. For the world's largest manufacturers, it continues to be the preferred process through which to guarantee the pressure-proof, leak-proof, and corrosion-proof requirements of parts and components in critical operations.

BEPeterson Vacuum Chamber Manufacturer

Vacuum Chamber Specifications:   60" OD x 72" Shell Length

Design Temp @ 150⁰ F   -    Full Vacuum 5 torr / min   -   Material SA-516-70

MAWP 175 psi @ 350⁰ F    -  Vessel Capacity - 1080 gallons

Daniel Szczurko, VP Business Development at BEPeterson, states, “The unique feature of this vacuum chamber was the requirement for a quick opening hydraulic closure. The lifting mechanism was designed to lift the 1000 lb. cover to a full 90⁰ open position.” See a video of the BEPeterson vacuum chamber quick opening closure at

The vessel required a 5 torr or better leak rate. The test procedure isolated the vessel from the vacuum pump with a ball valve with the pump turned off. A gauge was monitored and recorded the vacuum for ten minutes. The vacuum loss, based on the vessel size and empty state, after ten minutes was fewer than 2.5%.

Brad Welch, COO of Godfrey & Wing, states, “The vessel for this 60" system was among the largest we’ve incorporated into a line. We’d not worked with BEPeterson before and were surprised at that fact once we visited and saw their capabilities. Our Engineering teams worked well together to define the project requirements and make the inevitable adjustments required during execution. The system is installed in a large automotive tier one in Mexico and performing to the demanding vacuum levels our process employs.”

About BEPeterson

Since 1935, BEPeterson has set the standard for custom metal fabrication of heavy-gauge metal parts and equipment. BEP has been relied on by our customers to provide complete engineering, design and project management of the most critical components. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and ASME certified. Our 90,000 square foot facility with high ceiling bays is one of the largest in the Northeast.

BEP manufactures Pressure Vessels, Tanks, ASME pressure vessels, ASME tanks, ASME code and non-code vacuum chambers, Vacuum Chambers, ASME vacuum furnaces, filter vessels & housings, skid assemblies, ducting and a variety of industrial general fabrications.


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