Tracey Bond "Face Booking U" Author & Hollywood-Publicist FacePR Interviews @ CPRTV/ViaTimes Tonight

Tracey Bond to share in a duo-interview today by Chicago's Celebrity Host Jovie Calma with CPRTV Studios + VIA times. Bond shares expertise on "Face Booking U: VIP Face-Publishing Book, Face PR Training, Social Perception & BENEFICIENCE PR Agent Life
By: Face Booking U: VIP Face Publishing + PR Textbook
CHICAGO - Oct. 9, 2015 - PRLog -- TRACEY BOND - VIP Face PR author of "Face Booking U'" speakshares tonight in an exclusive dual interview about her Face Coursebook, #FaceBookingU Training and VIP Makeup Service on: Face Publishing, Social Media NetWORTHING values, Face Public Relations and new high end glow-getsetter-agent life with JOVIE CALMA: Celebrity TV Host, Producer, International Performing DIVA, Actress, Model, Global Ambassador and Jetsetter. The program will air Sunday at 3pm.

Jovie is a Hall of Fame Award Winning TV Host/Anchor and Producer for "Wassup?! Jovie Calma LIVE!" being aired at Chicago Philippine Reports TV every Sunday at Chicago Channel 25 and a resident columnist for VIA Times Newsmagazine.

Tracey Bond – is a Worlwide Who's Who Social Busines Entrepreneur  - high end prolific personage publicist whose diversity of professional talent includes experience as a social media certified professional, author, publisher, front-page newspaper columnist, reporter, cosmetologist-esthetician and speaker, has been recognized & merit-honored by her industry peers, community leaders and honorable govenrment authorities such as (retired) Local Mayor, Illinois State Governor at The Governor's Mansion, 2 USA Presidents & 1 Retired USA Army General.


Bond is an avant-garde industry influencer who is documenting, establishing and ever on purpose in training others needing training about face public relations as a distinct concept for inclusion in the social media networking culture of business in today's world. Face Booking U equips wih practical training and professional solutions as follows:

Learn to use your 'facial' fame, frame & fortune as VIP Social NetWORTHing public relations tools!

Q: Are you serious about seeking self-improvement VIP Social NetWORTHing success?

Q: Do you want to ensure that your best PR'ressed face gets booked somewhere that matters (personal, professional and public)?

Q: Your 'on-booked' face is way overdue!

Hear Tracey's transformational speakshare that can help you strategically plan beyond the traditional public relations training for a socially conscious and increasingly perceptive face relations experience Social VIP NetWORTHing Success.


Bond’s “Face Booking U: VIP Face Publishing” company is designed publish, produce their brand-centric products as: VIP Face Publishing textbook [ISBN# 978-0-615-46019-2] is available now on; VIP creative professional makeup artistic design and direction service; FACE PR course materials, FACE PR online and seminar training like a school...performing as a FACE PR tool imparting new values to you facial fame, frame and fortune as VIP social netWORTHing ™ public relations tools.

Face Booking U ‘s Positive Customer Impact

*** "Mom loved this (#FaceBookingU #facewerk) so good job lol, she's a harsh would think you were a photographer not a makeup artist at the event..." - Kelly Vaughan

*** "Thanks Tracey...I enjoyed the (#FaceBookingU) #facewerk and your abilities to transform!" - Victoria Charleston

"Bond teaches that models, photographers, fashion designers, advertisers, media publishers should work respective of one another to benefit from their creative collaborative teamwork throught the talent-centric production process. When models and/or photographers are purposed as the central foci cog in the creative production wheel involving photo products, be it live or in print, the wrong ego in-throw can blow the photo - and that photo is the snapshot visual that has no expiration date; lasting longer than the production and even lifetimes."

Face Booking U equips the individual to recognize, reprogram, reinvent and represent their informed perception of face relations as they relate to every crossing platform of human life in personal, professional and public and/or social relations dynamics today.

Bond enjoyes speaking to share bits & bytes of #facebookingu wisdom from her vast accomplishments as an author, VIP media publicist at BENEFICIENCE Prolific Personage PR of Beverly Hills | Hollywood | Chicago | London UK, United States Press Ageny VIP News executive & more multi-award winning talents as Cosmetologist Chicago’s Rising Star Stylist Photo Competition Glamour Model & Hair Makeup Artistry Design Winner; Cosmetologists Chicago Association (CCA) (ret.) platform “Tools of the trade artist”’s (reknown today as America’s Beauty Show) texture-expert technical feature writer, and  African American Health & Beauty Aids Institute’s (AHBAI) Inaugural Proud Lady Model Competition Placement Winner.

#FaceBookingU Connect
Face Booking U brand has an active online web presence with a wide range of followers for connecting online to offline with textbook owners, seminar students, as a LinkedIN company, C-suite level & marketing/social business networkers, prospective VIP face-publishing clients, VIP makeup artistry prospects, #FaceBookingU models, photographers, publicists and more.

The Face Booking U Introductory Edition textbook published in the wake of social media visual centric culture from Bond’s progressively avant-garde research that began in 2010. On the VIP fast-track from Chicagowood, IL all the way to Beverly Hills and Hollywood, CA; Bond #facewerks to innovate, influence and impart new values that facial fame, frame and fortune can bring to the face of public and social relations in full scope.

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BENEFIENCE: Prolific Personage PR
Beverly Hills,CA  * Hollywood,CA * Chicago, IL

“Beneficience exists to coordinate, develop, position, and conduct the best social business engagement activity for the BENEFICIENCE of our prolific personage client culture with resplendent public relations industry performance.” – Tracey Bond, Beneficience PR Executive

Tracey Bond, VIP Prolific Personage Publicist
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