Readers Laugh Until They Cry Reading "The Endearing Fart" by Ilene Dover

‘The Endearing Fart, Sad be the ass that can't rejoice’ by Ilene Dover takes your ‘Endearing Farts’ to high literary levels and publishes where no fart has ever gone before!
The Endearing Fart by Ilene Dover
The Endearing Fart by Ilene Dover
HAMILTON, Ontario - Sept. 28, 2015 - PRLog -- ‘The Endearing Fart’ will educate the reader on the lethal ether of the keister with a minimum amount of information, but likely all the reader needs or wants to know. The book includes stories of embarrassing situations people find themselves in when they are caught inappropriately releasing gas. Ilene hopes this book will help people get over their shyness and accept that this rather unfortunate, unbeguiling human trait is universal. We all share in these experiences as having and expelling gas is a totally human attribute. This book will allow us to come out of the closet, together.

Ilene Dover, a Fartologist, says, "I can only say one thing as to why I wrote the book… I was inspired to tell tongue-in-cheek tales about tooting so we could have a good laugh at ourselves,” she said.

Ilene said we have all been caught in a situation where a little gas has escaped at the most inopportune time. ‘The Endearing Fart’ will arm the reader with one liners, as in “If they’re not paying the rent, they gotta' get out.”

Each one of the stories in her book is based on a true story.  Ilene revealed it was rather challenging to collect stories because some people refuse to admit they do THAT, but they do. They may try and hide it but, nevertheless, the humbling truth is, they do. The section on poems will attest to that.

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