Will Islam Fuel World War III? by Nicholas Ginex

A Third World War will never be initiated by America against Iran. However, WWIII will become a reality if Israel feels threatened by the incessant advance of an Islamic cancer that has already destroyed cities in many countries.
Author Nicholas Ginex
Author Nicholas Ginex
HAMILTON, Ontario - Sept. 28, 2015 - PRLog -- WWIII will commence after Iran and militant Islamic extremists have grown to such an extent by aggressive force that many free-loving countries will have to defend their people and land by fighting back.  The U.S and its allies will, out of necessity, fight those countries supporting Islamic terror because they will have no alternative.  In addition to Israel and the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and even Russia, China, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), Norway, Finland, Canada, Bulgaria, Spain, and Australia may become part of the coalition force.  Many countries have already felt the threat and loss of their sovereignty as Muslims migrate into their lands and refuse to integrate and accept their laws and cultural values.  This outcome has been documented for some of these countries in the 2015 publication of Obama, Islam and Benghazi.

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Rob McConnell

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