Where to Buy Durable Shrink Wrap Film

Tim was a seasoned employee at USHIPN’PACK. Not to mention, it was a family owned business, so he kind of had to work there.
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Shrink wrap film
Shrink wrap film
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Shrink Wrap Film


Schaumburg - South Dakota - US

SCHAUMBURG, S.D. - Sept. 5, 2015 - PRLog -- Tim was a seasoned employee at USHIPN’PACK.  Not to mention, it was a family owned business, so he kind of had to work there.  Although, there was nothing Tim loved more than seeing a beautiful, shrink wrapped pallet sitting by the loading dock ready to go on her journey.  His company was constantly being recognized for the high quality packaging materials they used and the immaculate shape in which packages would arrive.  Until recently.  Over the past month or so, Tim had been getting an earful from some of his major clients about the received condition of the items.  Beverage pallets, in particular, were arriving with the shrink wrap hardly holding on with multiple rips and tears.  He knew he had to act fast if he did not want to lose business.

After calling the packing supply company, he learned they recently went with a new distributor so the shrink wrap film they were used to ordering was not as high of quality.  They were trying to get it worked out, but Tim did not have time to spare.  If he heard Bob over at BJ’s complain one more time on the phone about his pallets, he would most certainly go into cardiac arrest.  Bob didn’t just call to vent about the pallets, but he also treated Tim as his own personal therapist.  One of those kinds of people. Last week he got an earful about how his wife Maggie was yelling at him to cut back on his sugar intake or else his “Diabeetus” was going to go through the roof.  She also wanted him to work out a little more and be better about mowing the lawn, despite his busy schedule.


Tim started doing immediate research on the internet and thankfully landed upon a company called PackagingSupplies.com.  He was relieved to see that they only used the highest quality materials and were geared towards 100% customer satisfaction.  The shrink wrap film (http://www.packagingsupplies.com/PVC_Shrink_Film_Rolls.html) comes in over 22 sizes and three different lengths, all the way up to 2,000’ a roll.  The prices he saw were better than he had ever seen before, and he was extremely satisfied once he got off the phone with a customer service representative (he had to call to verify they were real).  Apparently 98% of the items are in stock and ready to ship, so if you place your order before 1PM EST, it will be shipped out the same day. Thank goodness he would be able to fix this issue fast, before Bob called to tell him about his latest Psoriasis outbreak.



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