Robert Villegas releases his corpus of books via Amazon

GREENWOOD, Ind. - Aug. 25, 2015 - PRLog -- 8/25/2015 Greenwood, IN – Greenwood Business Writer Robert Villegas has decided to release his corpus of writings via in both print and kindle formats.

“I have had these writings for many years without publishing them. Now, with new publishing technologies, it is possible to make them available to millions with the click of a mouse. Great new technologies like these will help other authors format their own books and present them attractively,” said Mr. Villegas.

Each of these works is unique. Below is a short synopsis of each:

The Boy Who Stood Alone

In this play, Jonny Payne is a 16-year old high school boy who has just discovered the philosophy of Ayn Rand. His parents don't know what to do. They send him to a psychologist and a priest. Jonny is asking himself the important question: "What is the price of independence?"

Adam Reborn – A Short Plan

Adam Reborn is a play of symbols. Adam and Eve, as I have portrayed them, are young and heroic people learning to deal with a Paradise and God that are hostile to them. There is no chance of life for them. Everything that is natural to them is cut off, given no chance for fruition. They sense this, they feel the vacuum in their own souls, and they are uncertain as to how to deal with it. The man/woman relationship suffers as it must under such strains; independence is too essential to it.

Poetic Prose and Poetry

These expressions represent some of my deepest thoughts as I lived and traveled throughout the world in locations such as Germany (East and West), Austria, Britain, Spain, Canada, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Korea, New York, Miami, San Francisco and other locations. They range from the romantic to the enlightened while I contemplated the significance of the many events in his life.

The Raven Haired Girl

Bobby met Angie 52 years ago in a poor neighborhood in Indianapolis. It was love at first sight. For a few short months, their relationship blossomed into love. They were in love but didn’t know how to be in love because they were only fourteen years old.

Then the breakup came in a most mysterious way and Bobby tried to forget the young girl and her shimmering eyes. He saw Angie only rarely in the aftermath of their love affair and he couldn’t understand what was wrong as he struggled to live a normal life without her.

After 52 years, Bobby has decided to take a journey into the past to rediscover what he had lost. Once he remembers the events of their breakup, he realizes that he must talk to Angie. Where is she? What happened to her?

Hospitality Event Planning Handbook

Your boss just told you that he wants you to manage a hospitality event for your company's top clients. The event will be held in conjunction with a sporting event in a major league sport. Sounds like fun but you have no experience in pulling something like this off.

How will you do it? You may not know how to start, what to do and how to ensure the event is a success. You wonder if you are being punished for something you said. After you pick your stomach up from the floor, you say, "Ok" and begin to leave his office. Then he says, "Here, use this...

Sport Sponsor Handbook

This book is written for companies that would like to explore the benefits of sport and entertainment sponsorship. It is the culmination of years of study, experience and success. As a marketing and sales manager for many years, Mr. Villegas has experienced the many permutations involved in sport sponsorship and I has worked with and consulted with authors, sponsors, sport teams, athletes and entertainment professionals. He has also program managed hospitality programs, business meetings, trade show programs and other technical implementation projects as well as evaluated many programs for the sporting world.

These books were written by Mr. Villegas over the last 45 years and represent only part of his corpus to date. Presently, he is working on five new books with at least three more to add from his corpus of past writings.

About Robert Villegas, Jr.

Born in Weslaco, TX, Mr. Villegas has been a UPS sales and marketing executive for many years. He has also worked as a technical and marketing writer and creative writer. He has written over 200 business plans which have helped create thousands of jobs in both the USA and Canada as well as other countries. He has had clients all over the world including all continents and the Caribbean. He is presently semi-retired and part-time CEO of Document Services International ( which specializes in providing publication and formatting services for writers who want to self-publish their own works. He presently lives in Greenwood, Indiana and can be found on Facebook (Robert Villegas), Twitter (DSI2014) and under his name.


Robert Villegas, Jr.


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