Aluminum Food Containers for Carry Out

Have you ever gone to pickup your takeout food, and the food is packaged in styrafoam or cardboard and barely can contain the food? You know what I’m talking about.
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Aluminum Food Containers.
Aluminum Food Containers.
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Aluminum Food Containers


Sioux Falls - South Dakota - US

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - Aug. 22, 2015 - PRLog -- Have you ever gone to pickup your takeout food, and the food is packaged in styrafoam or cardboard and barely can contain the food?  You know what I’m talking about.  You call your favorite Chinese place, Fu Manchu, and order the bang bang chicken.  Yes on the spicy.  No on the wonton soup.  Yes on the egg drop soup.  Yes on the crab rangoons.  And obviously yes on the fortune cookies.  And a few of those crispy things that no one knows what they are made of but they are so freaking good you always eat like 3 bags full.  You pull into the parking lot early, because your mouth is watering at the thought of that first bite of bang bang hitting your tongue.  You you cannot go in yet because you are too hangry to make small talk with the lady at the counter.

After twiddling your thumbs for exactly twelve minutes you get out that crisp $20 bill and practically skip to the door.  The bells that ring on the top of the door as you open it alert not only the employees in the restaurant that you’ve arrived, but also everyone else on the block.  You pay for your food, grab a few extra fortune cookies when no one is looking, and head back home.  To your horror, when you open the bag to pull out your food, all you can see and smell is a bang bang mess.  There is sauce all over the bag, covering your rangoons and your mystery crispsies are now soggy sticks.  You have not been this disappointed since your grandma got you that wool brown sweater one Christmas when you had a no clothes policy that year.  If only they had used proper aluminum food containers this would have never happened.  The Chinese food eating people could be enjoying their egg drop soup without drama.

You research several places to get aluminum food containers and land on (  They sell a pack of 200 for only $79, and they ship the same day if your order before 1 PM EST.  This is great news, because Fu Manchu needs all the help they can get.  You make a quick note about your aluminum food container discovery, and leave it anonymously at the door of the restaurant.  The next time you go back they better have learned their lesson, or else you’re going to start doing business across the street at Kung Food.

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