Sissy's clock is ticking as she talks to the creators of the new series, TICK TOCK this Friday!

Actresses Judy Jerome, Tiffany Hodges and Cristina Doikos talk to Sissy about their new comedy series in development TICK TOCK this Friday night on The Sissy Gamache Show 7:30pm EST on MNN Ch 56 TWC Manhattan and
By: Judy Jerome
Tiffany Hodges, Judy Jerome and Cristina Doikos
Tiffany Hodges, Judy Jerome and Cristina Doikos
NEW YORK - Aug. 14, 2015 - PRLog -- Tick Tock follows three female friends in their mid-thirties navigating the pressure of their biological clocks in present day Manhattan. In the pilot, “The Vagenda”, Judy (a wide-eyed klutz) desperately wants babies but her boyfriend of almost a year hasn’t even said, “I love you”. Tiffany (a free-spirited cynic) is getting married to the perfect man and thought pregnancy would be next but now she’s terrified a baby will ruin everything. Cristina (a pixie with balls) is a career-driven child psychologist who hasn’t given much thought to her clock until she sees her most beloved patient face mortality. These women must make the biggest decision of their lives as they enter their last fertile years. When your clock is ticking, can you afford to hit snooze?

Cristina Doikos is equally happy on a city rooftop sipping martinis or floating the day away on a pontoon boat. She skis, surfs, sings karaoke, and loves to people watch at airports. Cristina is terrified of alligators and the dark, and would especially lose her shit if she encountered an alligator in the dark. Ironically, she found success in acting in horror films, most recently THE MINIONS. She enjoys an active career in voiceovers, TV, film and theatre and claims NYC as her home away from home. Visit for more!

Judy is a native New Yorker - born and raised. Because of this she cannot only surf the subway with ease, but is quite skilled at finding an amazing slice of pizza in any neighborhood. Her singing in the shower rivals the best, as does her dancing around the apartment while cleaning - just the occasional falling down. These skills have assisted the development of many a character in pieces ranging from the dark indie feature “Cost of a Soul”, to the hilarious stage play “Baltimore in Black and White”. Checkout to see more!

Tiffany hails from Texas where she was raised as the whitest Mexican ever. She doesn’t speak Spanish, but craves nachos at mealtime. She uses coconut oil to solve every beauty problem and doesn’t trust people that shop at Talbots. She moved to NYC to escape the boredom of the suburbs and now enjoys a career of acting and writing for the stage and screen. She’s driven to create roles for women cause this whole thing of only 12% of characters are female is bullshit!

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Cristina (, Tiffany (, and Judy ( work as actors in NYC and soon became friends through a group of actors, writers, and directors who develop new work. Soon they figured out they have a lot in common. This included entering a stage in their lives when they can feel their own clocks ticking. Laughing their way through this next chapter soon became the best way to cope. Since Tiffany is also a writer, they decided to create a pilot exploring the pressure all women feel during these years. They have been refining the pilot, building the series, and getting ready to shoot ever since. Keep up with this dynamic threesome and find out how you can get involved by sending us an email at

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