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Online IELTS is an online course provider based in London, UK - the company offers superb Online IELTS preparation courses to students in 150 countries worldwide.
LONDON - July 21, 2015 - PRLog -- International students make up a significant portion of the student population in the UK. London, Cambridge and Oxford remain the major hotspots for international students, but overall London is the most attractive destination for international students. Furthermore, the UK overall remains relatively well-renowned for having illustrious elite that have come to study in the UK and gone on to become very prominent members of the international community or leaders in their respective countries - whether this may be as a political leader, entrepreneur, prominent businessperson or respective specialist in their field of study.

Speaking to the CEO of Online IELTS Mr Kunaal Tailor - he went on to speak about the government’s immigration policies. Mr Tailor stated: “The government and British public do not want immigrants as a burden to the state any longer. They feel that there has been a lot of corruption and mismanagement by the previous Labour government who let in too many immigrants from the EU and lax policies also enabled sham colleges or many foreign students to come to the UK on the premise that they will study, but very few actually studied and came only to work through bogus visas or other scams known as “sham colleges” that operated within the UK. The number of international students have dropped, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. Online IELTS has a high pass rate, because it is only accepts the highest qualified students who are dedicated, hard-working and really want to study in the UK. Our course is strict and the IELTS exam is an excellent exam that ensures that only the best candidates get through to the UK with stringent English tests that ensure that a higher quality of student comes to study in the UK. Many argue that this is unfair towards poorer students, but this is not true, as the tests ensure that they are 100% dedicated to studying in the UK and not coming here to work. It also ensures that they do not waste their money and keeps our university standards high, as well as bringing a better quality of immigration in the UK.”

Online IELTS offers affordable courses to students worldwide in 150 countries. It has quickly gone on to become the world’s number 1 IELTS preparation course due to the high level of expertise of its teachers and high quality materials, as well as excellent expertise behind how the IELTS exam works or what is required for the exam.

The international student population in the UK was 18% in 2012 - 13 according to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA). The UK market share is around 13% in terms of attracting international students on a global level and this is second place in comparison to the USA with 16.5%. There are also a plethora of stories or cases behind elite wealth holder students coming from the Middle East, Asia or Russia who spend over £1,000 per week on lavish apartments and private tuition to re-take exams, as quite often their sheer wealth means they are not so serious about studying, but come to get away from family life or family pressures in their respective country. This leads to students who go back to their respective countries without any skills and their families with a huge or small dent in their bank balances depending on their background or financial circumstances. This is why courses offered by companies such as Online IELTS provide quality teaching and IELTS exam ensure that only the most serious students can come to the UK to study, as the IELTS exam is required by university to clear immigration in order to obtain a student visa.

Visa costs are phenomenal and the process is becoming more time consuming, tedious, as well as a lot stricter, but this has not deterred students from studying in the UK. The largest number of international students come from China, India in second place, The Middle East (particularly Gulf countries), Russia and Germany has the highest number of students coming into the UK from the EU region. The UK higher education market is often associated with a high level of prestige that simply cannot be replicated, as it has grown and developed over the past few decades with many notable figures like Ghandi, Queens, Kings, Princes, Princesses from all over the world that have come to study in the UK. Online IELTS continues to ensures that only the best, brightest and most qualified students who have the drive, tenacity, ambition and strong work-ethic will come to study in the UK and the IELTS exam continues to ensure that a barrier between the lazy rich students with vast wealth or poor students with ability and a focused attitude is bridged further in order to maintain the British higher education student market and ensure that the quality is optimum in order to benefit the needs of both the student, the government, the respective university establishments and also the general public who wish to have students that will genuinely contribute something or take back valuable skills when they leave the UK or apply for a job here in order to contribute to the professional and highly skilled UK job market.

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