Former Minister of Defence & Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, Hon. Paul Hellyer Says UFOs Are Real

The Hon. Paul Hellyer
The Hon. Paul Hellyer
July 16, 2015 - PRLog -- Over the years I have done many interviews on The ‘X’ Zone on UFOs and the belief by millions of people that the governments of the world are surpassing the truth about UFOs.

On Friday, May 29 2015, I had the opportunity of interviewing the Honourable Paul Hellyer, the former Canadian Minister of Defence and Deputy Prime Minister on my radio show talking about his presentations that he would be giving in Brantford, Ontario, from June 26 - 28, 2015 at the Alien Cosmic Expo. The transcript of this entire interview is available at

During my one hour interview, the Honorouble Paul Hellyer stated, "UFOs are as real as the airplanes flying over your head."

On July 12, 2015, I sent emails to the 304 members of the Canadian Federal Parliament to their office email addresses at the House of Commons in Ottawa asking for, “a confirmation or denial from the Canadian Government on the statements made by the Honorable Paul Hellyer on my radio show on May 29, 2015.” To date, I have not received any replies from the Prime Minister of Canada, Mr. Stephen Harper, the two leaders of the Opposition Parties, the Minister of Defence or any other Members of Parliament.

During my interview with Hon. Paul Hellyer, I had the following interaction:

Rob McConnell: “…in your tenure A Minister of Defence, were you ever briefed by the high ranking members of the Canadian Military or the Canadian Armed Forces that there was UFO activity over Canada?”

Hon. Paul Hellyer: “Not briefed, no. I had sightings, reports. I knew, I knew they were flying over Canada, at least…”

Rob McConnell: “Were these reports military reports or civilian reports?”

Hon. Paul Hellyer: “Well, they were collected by the military and handed to me as a report and about 80% of the sightings were… um, judged to be natural phenomenon and the other 15 - 20% were genuinely unknown, and that’s about the same percentage that the, that the British had.”

During the interview, the Hon. Paul Hellyer talked about:

-         The corrupt Banking Industry;

-         The New World Order and The Cabal;

-         The U.S. back engineering of extraterrestrial technology (from star people);

-         The U.S. working with the extraterrestrials

-         Area 51 and S-4;

-         A U.S. Military/Astronaut Mission to a planet called Serpo;

-         Zero Point Energy and Cold Fusion.

The link to the complete Interview Transcript which was broadcast worldwide on the Starcom Radio Network is

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Rob McConnell

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