Author Wayne Carey mixes murder, biology, and nanotechnology to create a young-adult thriller

A dog and a cat with human intelligence, their owner—a murdered professor exploring nanotech, and the 16-year-old daughter of a police detective drive the suspense of THE NANON FACTOR.
The Nanon Factor  by Wayne Carey
The Nanon Factor by Wayne Carey
HARRISBURG, Pa. - July 10, 2015 - PRLog -- Leo Publishing seeks out undiscovered talent with great stories to tell. The Nanon Factor, by author Wayne Carey, is a must-read young-adult novel. In The Nanon Factor, Wayne Carey has created his own high-tech fusion of a murder mystery, the cutting-edge science of nanotechnology, and speculative fiction of the possibility of enhanced animal intelligence.

Nanotechnology involves the manufacture and use of tiny machines on the nanometer scale. That is to say, machines the size of microscopic single-cell animals and even smaller designed to do work. Some of the work of nanotech is to assemble complete structures from powered materials, working as a unit alongside billions of copies of itself. Other future goals of nanotech are to place tiny machines inside of our bodies to do anything from repairing a faulty heart valve to destroying a malignant tumor before it can harm us. With The Nanon Factor, author Wayne Carey takes the possibility of using nanometer-sized machines to restructure the brain and boost intelligence. Carey’s character, Professor Wallace has done just that, not with human subjects but with his pets, a German Shepherd named Sam, a cat named Sophie, and even a rat named . . .well . . . Rat. The secret of the professor’s work is discovered by those who will sell this technology to the highest bidder, and for whom murder is simply a means to an end.

With the professor dead, the police baffled, it is the task of a young neighbor, 16-year-old Katie Tyler who soon discovers the dead man’s pets know far more about the crime and how to investigate it than she could have possibly imagined. The chase that ensues places the lives of Carey’s characters, both two- and four-legged, in deadly danger as they seek to unravel the mystery without revealing the starting truth, coupling their deductive reasoning powers with their highly developed senses of smell, sound, and sight.

This tale of adventure and high-tech science is the first published novel of author Wayne Carey through Leo Publishing. Mr. Carey lives in Central Pennsylvania with his wife and their three children. His work shows extraordinary detail, encompassing current scientific breakthroughs and then extrapolating those to weave an exciting story. The Nanon Factor comes highly recommended by bestselling author Julie E. Czerneda as well as John E. Stith and Herika R. Raymer. Carey has other works in the publishing queue as well: The Darkest Battle, a paranormal tale linking Civil War re-enactors in the 21st century with a horrible war crime committed in1864, and Al’dair: The Adventures of Anthony Michaels a science fiction story set in humanity’s far future.

The Nanon Factor is available on Amazon: and other book retailers.
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